Ingrid is the "ancient" Rank SS Class EX-Type Zero mentioned in ME0 - Ch21 as the original wielder of Morglay. Appeared in Cosmic Century 233 and it was the first time a Beast had used a Weapon of Massacre against humans. It attacked immigrating space ship Ion, fought but lost and Ion was also destroyed. This was just before people got into the space ship for immigration so most of the humans were gathered in colonies and spaceships.

Due to this, the AE struggled on defense against Beast attacks, but by help of an unidentified force and a person from this force, they killed Ingrid. This led to celebration of survival of human beings but also attention from the media. This has been recorded as the first fight of Knights other than those from planet Arin.

It is implied to have been defeated 55 years before Battle of Velchees, and as a comparison to Pray and Anne's battle against Cross Eye Alpha and Beta, which is an indication of its power, as Jack Norton only states that their battle may be more impressive than the battle against Ingrid after consideration, despite both Cross-Eyes being SS Rank Type Zeros also. (ME0 - Ch27)

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