High Rank Beast

General Information
CC 233
Status Slayed
Type EX-Type Zero
Class SS-Class (Posthumous assessment)
Role Anti-Army/Anti-Planet
Armament Morglay
Produced by Queen E-12
Notes First Beast to have used a Phenomenon Weapon

Ingrid was an ancient EX-Type Zero, posthumously evaluated as SS-Class, that was produced by Queen E-12. It appeared in CC 233 wielding the Phenomenon Weapon Morglay which was the first recorded use of such weapon by Beasts.

Ingrid does not have an appearance in the series but was referenced several times. Ingrid was specifically mentioned in ME0-Ch21 in relation to Morglay. Admiral Jack Norton also compared Ingrid to the Ex-Type Zeroes Satan and the twin Cross Eye Alpha and Beta in ME0-Ch27.


By CC 233, the AE was suffering from a series of severe losses in the Human-Beast conflict. To protect humanity's survival, the AE envisioned an alternative escape plan that would have all humans permanently be housed in the giant colony battleship "Ion" which would be on a continuous travel avoiding Beasts.

Ingrid attacked Ion and the AE committed in defending the colony ship. Fortunately, the attack came before the civilian population was able to board it. AE was not able to neutralize the EX-Type Zero even with its entire military strength. The nascent Knight Order dispatched a timely and much-needed reinforcement from Core Temple and the Knights were able to repel Ingrid. This was the Knight's first combat deployment outside of Arin. The battle concluded as a pyrrhic victory since Ion was destroyed at the end. Still, humanity greatly celebrated the fact that the Knights were able to defeat an EX-Type Zero.

In CC 234, AE and Knight Order reached an amiable agreement on mutual aid and cooperation. This led to the first AE-Knights join operation targeting E-12. Ingrid was slayed during this human counter-attack.

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