First Appearance

Main Episode-0: Chapter 63








Number 4

Ice Witch has access to Paranormal Power that appears to encase her enemies in ice. Her real name is Sophie Vista, a man-made god, given rule over an ice planet made for wars. After ruling the planet for a while, she chose to become a Cold Hero, but before doing so she divided her power and cloned herself multiple times so the clones could maintain the planet. When Sophie finally returned to reabsorb them, the clones had developed consciousness and rebelled against her. She kills and reabsorbs most of them, only sparring two children who would later grow up and join Reah Zail's side in the war that takes place in Main Episode-2 Knight Fall.

Her ice is extremely durable and can even deflect laser beams. She also wields the dual AB Sword Number 4 which specialize in the destruction of ice based attacks. Ice Witch is most likely the kindest of the Cold Heroes despite her initial bloodthirstiness.


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