Hyperion 01-0

EX-Type Zero Hyperion is one of the two Type Zeros, alongside Rabbit, that attacks Tobal 30 years before the Pray War.

It is primarily a close ranged combat type, using a piercing melee weapon known as Mysteltein, though it appears to control several structures that resemble the AE G-34 Satellite Cannon for long range purposes.

After it is defeated, Mysteltein was recovered and currently in use by the Raven Units to augment their spears.

Officially it has a B-Rank, but this is actually lower than Rabbit's A-Rank to justify the Knights and AE throwing away the Tobal to protect the Ground Zero of satellite Vine. In fact, Hyperion is at least A-Rank and is very strong.[1]

It has three Nohsims in total. The one in the chest is the main power source for the body and the two in the shoulders power the shield generator. Hyperion is a defensive type and its defensive power is abnormally high due to this arrangement. This is demonstrated when Hyperion Repair withstands numerous nuclear explosions in close proximity, even with one shoulder Nohsim replaced after being revived by EX-Type Two Chatterbox.[2]

Similar to Fear, Hyperion has a personal Aurora System on his right arm that he uses for extremely powerful melee attacks.

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