Guardians are mobile fortress-type beasts. Though not nearly as large as a Manaan or Blue Flower, they are still massive when compared relative to human warships. Guardians do not have offensive capabilities but they are more prized for their Jamil and Chamild organs. An area of effect generated by a Guardian would provide optical disguise as well as electronic jamming that can disrupt a battlefield or deny certain areas. A group of Guardians when used in coordination of each other can also be used to isolate a whole planet or system.

For protection, the Guardians's exterior are equipped with though armor shells. Smaller, low rank beasts can also be stored inside special recesses to intercept approaching hostiles.

During the War of Prayer, Guardians were used to great effect by Queen E-34 when she covertly prepared 32 units of them underground in Planet Arin. When she launched her invasion, these ready fortresses were quickly launched and respectively stationed at key points within the stratosphere which enabled the joint area of effect to cover the whole of Planet Arin.[1] The loss of humanity's de facto capital was a huge blow to their political and military organization.