Gio Zail
Gio Zail



First Appearance

Another Episode 2: Chapter 19






Homunculus God-King

Gio Zail was one of the ten God-Kings to succeed Emperor Miranda of the Innovation Empire. He was the head of the five Zail survivors of the AG attack which led to the fall of the Empire. It was under his order that Eve Zail was recalled from her isolation to serve and protect the remnants of the homunculus lineage.

Background Edit

Created under the 'Human Isolation Project' to herald in a perfect paradise, Gio Zail and the nine God-Kings where the paramount achievement of the Innovation Empire, and successors to Emperor Miranda[1]. Breaking the bonds of human DNA as a perfect homunculus, he would have a long lifespan, outstanding body conditions and durability in space[2]. Yet, theirs and the Empire's decimation came at the hands of the Beasts whose threat had been vastly underestimated. As leader to the five perfect Zails who survived the assault, Gio ordered the release of the sealed 'Battle Princess' EVE-0, to secure the hub for the surviving troops[3]. He does so with prejudice and bestows the Zail surname to the 'imperfect' Eve, making her the Queen of the planet she is expected to protect[4].

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