"When the battlefield extended from our planet to the universe, the most important invention towards the war effort was the gate, it allowed us to traverse space without the time lag. With that technology, the ability to effectively warp in and out of battle was pivotal for the war. But during our first encounter with the monsters 300 years ago, the warp technology was lost. What's left is an old gate model and a black hole engine that is 300 years past working condition. It's not an understatement that the purpose of the war is to protect that technology. Right now, our transportation is fueled by the T-Drive. But it's nowhere near as effective as warp technology." Speech during flashback scene of Anne Mayer's student days. ME0-Ch6

Knowing that the gate exists already in Cosmic Century (S.E.Y) 430, it can be inferred that it began operations sometime between Anne's youth and the current space era year. Or maybe it is still the old gate model.

In ME0-Ch7 the narrator gives this speech, which gives more details: “Development of "Gate" enabled traveling across the galaxies. But there are some limits: public inter-galaxy communication is normally impossible. The data is transmitted galaxy to galaxy when the gate operates. However, around once a year, there is a grand-scale shared communication period. During this period, all inter-galaxy transports are suspended, and all gates are set to function as communicators so that all galaxies can share information. Time, all sorts of information, and activity of beasts are shared, so that entire universe is inter-connected. During this period when warp communication via singularity sharing is enabled, even public device near the gate can do real time communication with another galaxy. Talk Day. Crowds of people wanting inter-galaxy communication can be seen around the communication device near the gate during this period, and they talk with friends, family and lovers.”


In ME0- Ch17 this picture is displayed, showing a "Warp Marker" and an unknown structure, related to the gate.

At the Battle of Arin, the Beasts were able to steal the Central Order database, with info and codes that allowed them to hack the human gates and perform surprise attacks. This was a real setback to the war effort and required humans to shut down the gates most of the time. Beasts are currently developing their own Biogate technology, which will enable units and ships to warp freely when fully completed. ME0-Ch?

Atmospheric warping (to and from planets directly) is possible, but very risky.[1]

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