The G-34 Satellite Cannon is an extremely powerful anti-fortress particle beam cannon. As its name suggests, the G-34 is a space weapon designed as a particle beam cannon housed inside a satellite that would be in stationary orbit affixed on a terrestrial target. The G-34 was created to provide intense orbital bombardment that could penetrate even through a Queen's Nest or to strike down other targets on the surface. It is presumed that the G-34s can be redeployed and moved to other planets as needed.


Battle of VelcheesEdit

G34 01

Three G-34s during the Battle of Velchees attacking Cross Eye Alpha and Beta

Three G-34s were used during the Battle of Velchees to simultaneously lay down a heavy bombardment on the twin EX-Type Zeroes Cross Eye Alpha and Beta. The Cross Eyes momentarily stopped moving to focus on their barrier defense which was able to negate any damages. Although the Cross Eyes survived unscathed from the attack, the sheer force of the bombardment pushed them down to the ground and pinned them inside a huge crater - effectively achieving the G-34s' mission objective. In that moment when the twin's high mobility and flight capabilities were disabled, Master Knights Pray Mayer and Anne Mayer were able to engage the twins in melee combat and eventually emerge victorious.