First Appearance

Main Episode-0: Chapter 27


Birth day: CC384




Blind girl


Fiona's first appearance in ME0-Ch27.

Fiona 01K

Fiona's grave in ME0-Ch75.

Fiona is a young blind girl who is related to Pray's backstory. She is the first person who made her feel warmth and as such, diverted Pray away from the animalistic Beast nature due to being a Queen. Pray slowly became more human after they started interacting and this made her aware of the great loneliness within her.[1] It's implied that this is when Pray's heart first started beating.

Milo asked Fiona to be his adopted daughter.[2]

Fiona makes a plushie doll of her friend Pray and is then killed the next day by a renegade Beast. Even though Pray hated her, she was brought to tears by the death.[3]

When Pray gives birth to Anne, she greatly resembles Fiona. She later says that "I'll protect my precious this time" implying that Fiona was actually precious to her. Also the plushie seems to have left a mark on her, since for the rest of Pray and Anne's life they both carry plushie sets of themselves.

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