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Fear Emerges

She is the first EX-Type Zero that E-34 produces. She is tentatively rated by Dry as an S or A class Anti-Knight specialist unit. With her average C-Class Core restraining her otherwise overwhelming advantage in speed and agility delivered by her personal Aurora System. Appears in (Ep 0 - Ch ??)



Fear uses Cross Eye's Balisarda.

Fear is quite versatile in her weapon usage, though she primarily equips herself with close range, anti-knight weapons.

On Valtia, Fear first uses a massive, dual bladed, particle emission sword which is specialized for stabbing techniques. She appears towards the end of Episode 0 Pray with multiple particle lances and swords.

Fear notably heralded the first Weapon of Massacre to be used in the series, the Anti-Planetary Morglay, which was first used by SS-Class EX-Type Zero "Ingrid" in Cosmic Century 367, 55 Years before the Battle of Velchees. The power of the weapon was demonstrated when it first penetrated the Planetary Shield generated by the underground Fortress of Eden, then the facility's generator itself, in the middle of the fortress.

The potency of Morglay is further demonstrated when the true target of the weapon was revealed to be two fold, primarily to halt the movements Valtia's mantle to disable the planet's magnetic field and induce climate change, then Eden so that the population would have nowhere to seek shelter, inducing panic in the survivors and halting preparations for the assault on Arin.

Fear makes a reappearance later in the series, this time using the Weapon of Massacre Balisarda, primarily an Anti-Personal and Anti-Warship weapon. This weapon was what the twin SS-Class EX-Type Zeros, Cross Eyes Alpha and Beta used in the decisive battle at Planet Velchees.


Fear 01

Moments after emerging from the Beast Mannan ship, Fear instantly wrecks a large group of veteran Knights.



Fear battles twice within Episode 0, both times primarily against Dry Leonhard, and both ended inconclusively.

Fear first appears in Battle of Valtia, where Dry rescued Anne, then delayed Fear until the EX-Type Zero suppression force of Master Knights Bernet, Leo, Daniel Leonhard and four other Master Knights arrived alongside two Titan Class warships, 150 Knights and other specialists. Though pressed hard, Fear escaped with the help of the EX-Type Zero, Blue Beetle.

The second is in the Arin reconquest campaign against E-34, where multiple Master Knights engaged her, all unsuccessfully.

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