High Rank Beast

Fear as she appears during the Third Battle of Arin

General Information
ME-0 (Part 17) Chapter 19
ME-0 (Part 73) Chapter 75
Status Active
Type EX-Type Zero
Class A/S-Class
Role Close Combat Superiority,
Anti-Knight Role
Core C-Class Core
Armament See below
Special Ability Pray Style user
Produced by Queen E-34
Arin, Valtia,
Beast Graveyard (present)
Combat style:
  • Expert melee combatant
  • Extremely agile and mobile
Notes Confirmed to be female

Fear is a female, specialized Close Combat Superiority, Anti-Knight Role EX-Type Zero. She is designated as A/S-Class. Fear was personally birthed by Queen E-34 in CC 430 while she was secluded in her room in Core Temple. She is E-34's first EX-Type but is still considered to be her second "child". Fear possesses overwhelming power, due to her enhanced stats and mastery of Pray Style, that is only restrained by her average C-Class Core.

Fear first appeared in Main Episode-0 Pray during the Battle of Valtia but it was shown in the succeeding chapters that she was first revealed alongside her "mother" and "brother" during the Second Battle of Arin. Fear had an extensive participation during the War of Prayer. Towards the end of the Arin Recovery Campaign, Fear was able to escape from the battlefield with the body of E-34. The majority of E-34's brood followed her to the Beast Graveyard in the general retreat that ensued afterwards.


Fear 02

Fear's true face revealed

Fear appears as a white and slim humanoid Beast wearing an overcoat similar to what the Knights wear. Her notable features are her V-shaped face mask that have six slits for her green eyes. She also has flowing brown hair. Fear once used the Almighty Ultimate Weapon - The White when she commanded the Beast blockade of Arin against the assembled New Alliance force. The White armor suit form gave her a pair of massive wings as well as numerous blades that are remotely controlled.

In many aspects, she resembles Anne Mayer although in Beast form. During the Third Battle of Arin, Dry Leonhard fought Fear and was able to break off parts of her face mask. The shattered mask revealed a human face underneath that is almost twin-like in appearance when compared to Anne's.

Fear has shown genuine interest in her "sister", Anne Mayer, as evidenced when she searched for her in Valtia. She also stopped Anne from committing suicide after the latter seemingly killed Pray/E-34. Anne, on the other hand, was simply dumbfounded and shocked to see a mirror image of her coaxing her out of suicide.


Second Battle of ArinEdit

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Pray cell

E-34 revealing herself

When Queen E-34 was discovered in Pray's room, Fear and Blue Beetle were already seen inside, ready to conquer humanity. As her mother took over Central Order, Fear slaughtered the Knights who stood up against E-34. Later, Fear and E-34 were pictured together on the balcony of the eroded Core Temple by a surveillance satellite which established the Queen's identity as disgraced Master Knight and former Top Sword Pray Mayer.

Battle of ValtiaEdit

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Fear 01

Fear slaughters the team of Master Knights on the Manaan

Morglay Fear

Fear activating the four Morglays

Fear participated in the latter part of the Battle of Valtia after the New Alliance prematurely declared the successful containment of the Beast attack on Valtia. A team of Master Knights boarded the Manaan Mothership that was assaulting Eden Fortress and disabled its engines while slaying the garrisoned Beasts. While the Master Knights were inspecting the Manaan, a compartment suddenly opened and Fear stepped outside. The surprised Master Knight who discovered the compartment was sliced perfectly in half vertically. The incensed team prepared to slay the EX-Type Zero but Fear calmly strode inside their encirclement. She then materialized the Blue Spear and instantaneously killed all the Master Knights except for Feizer and Daniel Leonhard who both fled the scene.

Fear instructed the Manaan to unload four units of the Phenomenon Weapon Morglay, looted from Central Order. She activated the Morglays and directed one of it to strike Eden Fortress. The Morglay pierced through the planetary shield of Eden and tunneled through its core generator. However, the Morglay did not stop there as it continued burrowing through the crust and mantle of the planet; the stuck Morglay pinned the mantle into place. The Morglay's generated closed space also affected the planetary core which caused a polar shift that induced drastic, violent climate change. During the chaos, Fear searched for Anne Mayer and shielded her from the shock waves of Morglay's impact and closed space.

Meanwhile, a special EX-Type Zero subjugation force was assembled by New Alliance specifically for Fear. It was composed of eight Zero Breakers (Daniel Leonhard, Jenny, Doi, Kiri, Dry Leonhard, Dan, Leo, and Bernet), three Type-D Titan-class Battlecruisers (Dalton, Minerva, and Canaan), 150 Cross Society Crusaders, five Sowat-class Anti-Type Zero Frigates, and AE Special Task Force Troopers equipped with Graviton Beam Emitters. Dry first engaged Fear in a drawn out combat that was so fierce it destroyed the urban surroundings. While the two were fighting, the rest of the subjugation force arrived and trapped Fear in a caged combat zone. As the Zero Breaker Knights began their fresh assault, Fear attempted to withdraw but she was blocked by the AE Troopers and warships. She then used one of the Morglays to level the area and shake off the subjugation force but it proved to be futile. Before the Zero Breakers were able to mount another offensive, Blue Beetle and a team of Type 5s intervened to retrieve Fear. The subjugation force was left powerless in stopping the intruders. Blue Beetle helped her sister up before the damaged Manaan reappeared again to warp them back to Arin.

Third Battle of ArinEdit

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Dry vs fear

Dry vs Fear

Fear participated in the Third Battle of Arin as the commander of the orbital blockade/defense of Planet Arin. She led the Beasts in repulsing the New Alliance fleet and preventing them from landing on the surface. The EX-Type Zero was nowhere to be seen at first when the New Alliance arrived, but one of the warships was hit by a white drill that burst through a Norton-class Battlecruiser at the flanks of the formation. Fear then revealed herself and the partially active Blue Flower.

While the majority of the New Alliance force engaged the Beasts and the Blue Flower, Supreme Commander Dry Leonhard fought Fear in a rematch. Dry used his Mandala special attack on Fear but she negated it with Phenomenon Weapon Balisarda. The two were locked in intense melee combat but it was unfortunately not covered in the series. In the midst of their battle, Dry managed to gain the upper hand and hit Fear on her face. It destroyed the EX-Type Zero's face mask, revealing a human face resembling Anne Mayer. Dry was stunned by this revelation and was unable to follow through his attack to end her. Fear then fled the battle and went to the surface, seemingly knowing that her mother had received a fatal injury. Upon arriving, she stopped Anne from committing suicide and talked her out of it, before cradling E-34 in her arms. Fear then retreated to the Beast Graveyard at the outskirts of the known universe with E-34's body.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Fear with the Blue Spear and activated Aurora System

Fear possessed a mediocre C-Class core that greatly limits her firepower and potential. However she still maintains extreme agility and mobility that is further supplemented by a personal Aurora System that is biologically integrated into her body.

Fear mostly relied on her martial prowess through mastery of Pray Style. She primarily used bare-handed techniques and kicks but at one point wielded the Blue Spear - a large, double bladed sword - and other unnamed swords/blades. She used the Almighty Ultimate Weapon - The White in the Third Battle of Arin. The White is an armor suit form that appears with massive wings (enough to obscure the view of a Blue Flower) and escorted by floating blades that are remotely controlled. Not much is known of the abilities of the White.

Fear notably used two Phenomenon Weapons: Morglay and Balisarda, during the Battle of Valtia and Third Battle of Arin respectively. Both of the weapons were looted from Central Order. She is the only character in the series so far to have wielded more than one Phenomenon Weapon.