Fang Blade 04K2

Named Unit: Fang Blade.

Fang Blade 11K

Fang Blade is a Type-2 High Ranked Beast that was powerful enough to earn a name. It has a rather large body compared to most other High Ranked Beasts, its output is quite high, and its technique is also good. It has 15 years of operational experience which makes it a very difficult foe. Ramsie said that because of Fang Blade's technique and skill he would rather face an inexperienced EX-Type Zero, meaning that rank generally confers raw power and not always skill.[1]

Fang Blade kills a number of Knight trainees, injures veteran Knight Lamie, and also kills Knight Ramsie. However, it was defeated by Anne and Pray who teamed up together. This goes to show how powerful they were, even though they were just trainees at the time.

Fang Blade 03K

Webtoon version.

Fang Blade 02

Korean publication version.

Fang Blade 13K

After a 15 year rein, Fang Blade meets its demise at the hands of Pray and Anne.

Powers and Abilities Edit

The origin of its name is due to the large sword attached to its right arm. This blade has the unique ability of using high frequency vibration and this greatly increases its cutting power. It's shown cutting clean through an entire high-rise building in one swing. This unique ability also causes AB Swords to bounce off in an unpredictable manner.[1]

The left shoulder houses a high output, multi-directional particle beam cannon. It's capable of piercing right through buildings, tanks and small warships.[1]

References Edit

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