Fang Blade was a Named Type 2 High Rank Beast that earned experience by surviving through numerous battles, including fights against Knights, and adapting accordingly - this made Fang Blade a truly dangerous foe even for veteran Knights. It had a larger frame compared to most other high rank beasts but it was still able to maneuver quickly through adroit, practiced control of its body which was made eve more deadly by its sharpened battle instincts. Fang Blade's name originated from its prominent large, scythe-like blade that protrudes from its right arm.

Fang Blade appeared as a side antagonist in the first few chapters of Main Episode-0 Pray. Coupled with the Battle of Valtia, the fight against Fang Blade introduces readers to the normalized reality of the Human-Beast conflict in the Knight Run universe, and also features the magnitude of the grim, desperate situation that humans are struggling in.


Pray vs beasts bare hand

The isolated group disengaging from Fang Blade; Pray is shown acting as the vanguard

Fang Blade 13K

Pray and Anne slaying Fang Blade

Pray anne survivor

The isolated group is finally rescued; Fang Blade's head/face was taken as Pray's trophy

Fang Blade has shifted from one battlefield to the next, randomly surprising the human forces deployed in the areas it suddenly appears in. It has been active for nearly fifteen years in which time it already accumulated a wealth of experience and adeptness in combat.

The Knight Training Organization holds routine field combat exercises as preparatory deployments for aspiring Knights. The Knight Trainees are then usually tasked to clear low rank beasts in actual battlefields or to suppress remaining Beast presence in recovered planets. During one of these exercises, Fang Blade ambushed a class of Knight Trainees together with their escorts and trainers. Veteran Knights Ramsie and Lamie, who were supervising the class on the ground, immediately ordered for the exercise to be halted and to retreat back. Unfortunately, Fang Blade proved to be too powerful to be stopped as it killed several soldiers and trainees, while critically injuring Lamie. It also destroyed the escorting armored vehicles and warships that were providing transportation and covering fire. Ramsie then attempted to stall Fang Blade as a rearguard to buy time for the remaining troops to fall back but he too was quickly overwhelmed. Fang Blade then continued pursuing the remaining forces as they ran for their lives.

To make matters worse, the position of the class was soon swarmed in by hordes of low rank beasts - effectively isolating them from AE and Knight Order forces. Fang Blade's presence also meant that it can intercept any incoming reinforcements which the AE would not risk unless a much sizeable force is made available. Help would have then been too late and the Knight Trainees were already abandoned. Top Sword Milo Leonhard, also a trainer and supervisor but was not on the ground with his class, continued requesting for a rescue attempt.

The cut-off trainees, alongside their escorts, regrouped under the command of Class Representative Anne Mayer. Anne led her group in holding down a temporary shelter where they can rest while waiting for rescue. Pray Mayer, a fellow classmate and Knight Trainee, acted as the group's vanguard. She was able to single-handedly blast a safe path through multiple waves of low rank beasts while bare handed. When they were able to establish their shelter, Pray noted that the best defense in the current situation would be to slay Fang Blade as it would let up their besieged position. Anne eventually agreed to this plan. The two of them alone were then able to locate Fang Blade and defeat it in an impressive display of coordination. This feat just goes to show how powerful Pray and Anne were, despite still being trainees. Shortly thereafter, reinforcements arrived to retrieve the isolated group.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fang Blade's main armament was a large blade, shaped like a scythe, that is attached on its right forearm. The blade extends starting from its elbow, all the way beyond its fingers for two to three feet more. This blade has the unique ability of using high frequency oscillation to produce unparalleled cutting power. It was shown able to cut clean through an entire high-rise building in one swing. The vibrations also produce a shield-like effect against AB Swords. It is surmised that due to the unstable surface area, AB Swords are not able to land a hit on the blade but instead bounce off of Fang Blade's blade [1].

For ranged engagements, Fang Blade possessed a multi-directional particle beam cannon mounted on its left shoulder that was capable of piercing right through buildings, tanks and small warships.[2]. The output of Fang Blade's core is also exceptionally high which enables it to have a long stamina while engaging with enhanced physical strength and speed; this is also the same core that powers the oscillating blade and particle beam cannon.

Fang Blade's combat techniques and fighting style are also on par with Knights due to skills it has come to learn from experience. It was particularly because of these trait that made Fang Blade more deadly than its contemporary high rank beasts and made it earn a "Name". Knight Ramsie acknowledged that he would rather face an inexperienced EX-Type Zero instead of Fang Blade due to its techniques and skills which had already been honed and proven on previous battlefields with deadly results [3].