Eve Zail (also known by her project designation EVE-0 or her reputation as the Battle Princess), a Queen of the Innovation Empire, was a Great War-era, dedicated combat-purpose, female Homunculus that was created under the orders of the God-Kings as a weapon that would halt the Beast invasion of the empire. To create Eve, the God-Kings decided to combine the bio-tissues of Adam and captured Tigers - a decision that runs counter to their whole idealized way of life to religiously maintain genetic purity and perfectness (even to the point of devout fanaticism).

Since Eve contains the genetic material of their sworn enemies, she was heavily discriminated against as an "Imperfect" fated to failure, and was not deemed as a human being within the societal culture of the Innovation Empire. As such, she was condemned to be discarded to assuage the God-Kings' humiliation that they were so desperate for survival as to create Eve's "abominable" existence. Despite the above, Eve was still a person who had emotions and she was terribly traumatized by the treatment done on her. Later on, Eve, with support and guidance from her future husband, proved to everyone that she was not a failure nor an imperfect being by endeavoring to save them from the Beast threats.

Eve was shown to have immense strength that can single-handedly overwhelm incoming waves of powerful Beasts. Her mummified remains are interned at the 4th Ground Zero in PLanet Tobal. The PPP operated the 4th Ground Zero and made extensive studies on her and the data on anti-Beast warfare and technologies that she deliberately left behind - Eve, thus, indirectly contributed to humanity's victory at the War of Prayer. Eve is the biological mother of Sion Zail and served as the fundamental design basis for the A-Series Battle Doll A-10.

Eve appeared in Another Episode-2 A Village Where You Are as part of the flashback arc on the origins of Sion and of the 4th Ground Zero in Tobal. Eve made further but intermittent appearances in the rest of AE-2 to parallel Sion's fight with her mother's achievements. Notably both mother and daughter sincerely wished to find a place with no conflicts where they can live happily with their loved ones and everyone else.


Eve zail3

Reactivation and coronation of Eve

Eve appears as a petite, buxom woman with violet hair. A notable feature of hers is that her eyes permanently shine green and are covered with metallic armor constantly such that the pupil and iris only permeate through a cross-shaped cutting. She often wore revealing clothes though this may be due to the fashion culture in the Innovation Empire which was meant to show off their genetic superiority. Eve usually looks like a mannequin or doll with a stiff, cold demeanor but this is simply because of the past attitude around her. Eventually, she warmed up and became more jovial who was truly loved and adored by her people.

Eve's personality was truly innocent due to her lack of experience, maturity, and relationships. Still she was very curious of the universe. Eve was eventually educated by her husband in philosophy, culture, history, and other matters necessary for her to act as a proper Queen. Her husband also noted the she had no inclination for humanities such as arts and literature as she would just leaf through the pages and transcribe the books assigned for her exposure work. However, Eve was fascinated by Shakespeare's The Tempest, and specifically liked the lines of Act 1, Scene 1 [1]. Eve was also noted to be quite a glutton who would eat whatever she can get her hands on.


Sealing of EVE-0

Sealing of EVE-0

Since CC 123, the Innovation Empire suffered successive losses with the appearance of High Rank Beasts. It was the starting period of the Human-Beast conflict that would eventually spiral into the Great War - an era where the modern Knighthood had yet to be founded [2]. To prevent its demise, the empire was forced to deviate from their vied "perfect paradise" populated by new age, perfect humans. They then conceptualized an eleventh Homunculus that would possess the battle potential and martial prowess to rescue them from this dire situation [3]. In time however, it became apparent that they would have to integrate the bio-tissues and genetic elements of the empire's fiercest and strongest enemies - High Rank Beast Adam and the Tiger tribe - to maximize the planned Homunculus' effectiveness.

Thus, Eve was supposed to be a savior figure but instead of being revered as such, she was maliciously isolated and condemned as an imperfect being due to her impure origins. Immediately after being hurriedly born, Eve was deployed to repulse the Beasts which she successfully did. With the Beast threat held at bay, the God-Kings decided that the "Battle Princess" had already fulfilled her purpose. They then fabricated a fight between her and the Imperial Guards which painted a savage picture of her as an uncontrollable danger to everyone lacking a personal ego while installed with an overbearing battle instinct system. She was unanimously declared unfitting to be a considered a Homunculus or even granted the name "Zail".

Contrary to her natural origins, Eve had a cheerful and caring character. Unfortunately, the God-Kings refused to interact with her as a fellow person and only acknowledged her as a weapon in human form. Eventually, Eve was reputed to have an excessive violent and ferocious disposition caused by insufficient, unstable reasoning and genetic disorders [4]. She then had to be sealed away. The God-Kings were both disgusted of her existence and also fearful of Eve's immense potential that can overpower them, the ones supposed to be the pinnacle of perfection, should she rebel. Unfortunately for the God-Kings, they have grossly undermined the Beasts who were able to quickly consume the Innovation Empire less than a year after the disposal of Eve [5]. The empire then collapsed with few remnants banding together for a much-struggled survival - only five God-Kings were able to escape alive from the onslaught of Beasts.


Great war beast carrier1

Eve smashing through a Great War-era Beast carrier and its escorts

Eve zail

Eve slaying Great War-era Beasts

Eve zail1

Eve facing a Great War-era Dragon

Eve zail2

Eve Zail standing victorious over the Beasts; her personal flagship is seen at the back

Gio Zail assumed leadership of the Innovation Empire's remnants and steered them towards desperate survival. He made the humiliating decision to reactivate the condemned Eve. In so doing, Gio relented to bestow Eve the Zail name as well as the rule of a frontier planet that was turned into a march bastion - a focal point garrisoned with the majority of their remaining military resources to purposefully attract and hold down the Beast threat away from the rest. Now known as Queen Eve Zail, she was to be supervised by a doctor/adviser who would report directly to Gio. The planet that Eve ruled was presumably Tobal as the planet at the present era is home many lost technologies and Ground Zeroes related to the Innovation Empire, including the actual remains of Eve and her last battle.

Eve repaid the reluctant trust placed in her by the crumbling remnants of the empire by single-handedly wiping out entire Beast invasions, and protecting the planet and its population. With her heroic acts, her subjects accepted her as their true Queen, much to the ire of the pure Zail lineage[6]. During this time, she also proved that she has effective control of her enormous power although she was still constantly worried of how other people see her due to her traumatic past [7]. However, Eve's bravery and sacrifice earned the respect of her retinue while her innocent demeanor outside the battlefield charmed her subjects.

Through their constant companion, Eve and her doctor/adviser eventually fell in love with each other. Sion was then conceived from this relationship but Eve, to her great disappointment, had to opt for caesarean delivery to give birth [8]. Being from a lineage that had completely deviated from the human DNA and biological processes, Sion was considered by the Zails as an imperfect offspring as well though she received much of her mother's capabilities.

At the height of the Great War, Eve can no longer sustain the defenses of her planet alone. Despite volunteer reinforcements assisting her in battle, Eve's planet, the last political and territorial remnant of the Innovation Empire, was ultimately overwhelmed by the Beasts. She made her last stand at the planet, hand in hand with her husband, and accompanied by their comrades. At the end of it all, she chose to mummify her personal flagship, with her inside, so that future generations can access their technology and data, and use it in the continuing warfare against Beasts. Before the final battle, Eve had Sion cryonically preserved and then safely delivered to the modern Zail Family which survived the Great War by disassociating from the Innovation Empire (and therefore, subsequently suffered from devolution of their original powers and abilities due to genetic dilution).


Eve zail corpse

Eve in her mummified state at the 4th Ground Zero in Tobal

by sealing herself in a biological shield for all of eternity, Eve turned herself into a terminal that holds and transfers all of her technologies and battle data against Beasts to help future generations [9][10]. She and her personal flagship are the real "secret treasure" at the 4th Ground Zero in Tobal. The said Ground Zero was operated by the PPP Foundation and shares the grounds with the campus compound of IAN School [11]. PPP did extensive archaeological work to recover everything of value within the 4th Ground Zero. The recovered materials are still being used to further progresses in advanced research and development while some are on cultural display as museum artifacts. PPP resealed the site after scavenging the ruins.

Dr. Thor used excavated technology and data from the ruins for his Angel Project which later turned into the A-Series product models. Eve notably was the primary piece that allowed Dr. Thor to create his masterpiece, A-10[12]. A-10's participation in the War of Prayer, particularly in the Third Battle of Arin, paid a key role in defeating Beast Queen E-34, the worst threat to humanity. This realized Eve's dream for the future to attain the ability to fight off Beasts using her body and knowledge.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Eve Particle Cannon 01

Eve using a heavy particle beam cannon

Eve Zail was an extremely powerful individual that inherited the powers and abilities of Adam and the Tiger tribe; she can single-handedly stall a Beast invasion for years while besieged and with no reinforcements. It must be noted that the Beasts during the Great War-era were even fiercer and stronger than the Beasts of the present. All in all, her very being is the pinnacle of strength that far exceeds that of the "perfect" God-Kings who spurned her. Even in the modern age, the Knights cannot even fathom to be compared to her. Eve was able to pass down her traits to her daughter, Sion Zail, who became the Knight Order's Top Sword within a span of a year since she learned swordsmanship.

It was shown that Eve has her own flight capabilities granted by retractable wings similar to Aurora System. She can also reveal the same particle beam emitter that Adam has on its hands. As a member of the Zail Family, Eve can manipulate force and momentum by generating her own gravity devices; she also has an enhanced version of the Zail bio-armor. The Zail Family's blood traits of enhanced physical endurance, strength, speed, senses, and reflexes have all been boosted further due to mixing with Adam and Tiger tribe. Eve was also installed with an advanced battle instinct for sensing imminent hostile threats and quick analysis.

Eve can manipulate every weapon that she can grasp on and quickly improve upon the technique and skill usage just by seeing an attack once. She was a revolutionary figure in anti-Beast warfare as she forged various methods on how to properly slay high rank beasts efficiently and effectively - all of which had been recorded and left open for future generations to access from her preserved ruins.


Sion birth

Eve, her husband, and the baby Sion


Eve was shown to act intimately, bubbly, and cutely whenever her husband is around. Her unnamed husband was a doctor who assisted in reactivating Eve and acted as the Queen's adviser and educator. He agreed to supervised Eve closely on behalf of Gio Zail. It was also him who taught Eve all that she needed to know about the universe. Eve appears to always demand for her husband to spoil and play with her.

Sion ZailEdit

Eve was immensely proud of herself and Sion when the latter was born, but Eve was also disappointed in her inability to naturally give birth to her baby. It was Eve who gave Sion her name - the namesake coming from the title of her husband's painted vision of a place with no conflicts. Due to the circumstances of the Great War, Sion did not grew up in the warm presence of her parents but was instead scorned, isolated by the Zail relatives that adopted her. Sion eventually got to learn more about her mother through the stories of Rhea Zail who acted as the child's guardian.