Eve Zail
Eve Zail



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Another Episode 2: Chapter 18




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Homunculus Battle Queen

Sealing of EVE-0

Sealing of EVE-0 by Emperor Miranda

Eve Zail, also known as Eve-0, was a Homunculus 'Battle Princess' created by the Innovation Empire in an effort to counter the Beasts' overwhelming offensive power and forces. Apart from the ten God-Kings of the fallen Empire, she is the 11th incomplete Homunculus. She is considered an imperfection by the Zail Family due to being bred solely for battle purpose. She is the mother of Sion Zail.

Background Edit

Eve Zail was created for the pure purpose of battle against the Beasts, in an age before the Knights Order[1][2]. With the Beasts' strength and numbers being a serious concern, the Innovation Empire deviated from their 'perfect paradise' roots to create a battle unit that utilizes the genetic pool of their enemies[3], the beasts and the N.R.A. Having the first High Rank Beast, Adam's bio-tissue and Neoanthropinae Revolutionary Alliance combat troop genes, made her as powerful as she is, yet not the superior or perfect human the Empire was vying to create[4]. She was thought to have uncontrollable strength and personality due her imperfect genes[5][6], a direct result of being hurriedly created to counter-act the advance of the Beasts[7].

Emperor Miranda of the Innovation Empire approved the creation of EVE-0 over the Human Isolation Project after assessing the threat from the Beasts[8][9]. When it was, mistakenly, supposed that the danger is not as imminent[10], EVE-0 was sealed and discarded[11]. Her ferocious strength and excessive violence in battle was thought be a embarrassment to the Zail name, though it can be assumed her capabilities felt uneasy to the 'perfect' Homunculi[12].

Although the ten God-Kings, pinnacle of the Empire's creation, came to be, the Innovation Empire fell to the Beasts less than a year later[13]. Five of the remaining Zail survivors under Gio Zail, made the decision to recall EVE-0 into battle against the Beasts, and secure the last planet for the surviving Zail troops[14]. Making her the Queen of the planet, she was bestowed the Zail name. Queen Eve Zail repaid the reluctant trust placed in her by the falling Empire, single-handedly wiping out the entire AG fleet and protecting the planet and its refugees[15]. With this incident most of the planet's residents accepted her as a true Queen, much to the ire of the pure Zail lineage[16].

Eve Zail Victorious

Eve Zail victorious over the AGs

Contrary to what was supposed of her behavior, Eve indicated a caring and cheery personality, and was able to effectively control of her enormous power[17]. It may be partly due to her having the genetic base of a very strong and trustworthy person[18]. More so, she worried about her acceptance among people, after being continuously reminded she was a defect with the enemies' blood in her[19]. Her innocent demeanor outside the battlefield earned the respect and friendship of her retinue and subjects. She even fell in love and supposedly had Sion from the relation[20]. Being from a lineage that had completely deviated from the human DNA and biological processes[21], Sion was an imperfect offspring as well, though she inherited most of her mother's heightened battle capabilities.

Eve eventually transferred all of her technologies and battle data on the Beasts for the help of future generations by sealing herself in a biological shield for eternity[22][23]. She makes up the Homunculus ruin at the P.P.P. campus in Tobal[24]. Dr. Thor used excavated data from the ruin to create his masterpiece, A-10[25].

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