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Top Sword
Master Knight
Dry Leonhard

General Information
First appearance ME-0 (Part 5) Ch.7
Last appearance Extra Story Part 3 - Ch.169
(LINE webtoons / official English translation)
Status Alive
Personal Information
Sex Male
Born CC 399 (31 yrs old)
Height 188 cm (6' 2")
Affiliation Leonhard family (member)
Eastern Order (Deputy Chief)
New Alliance (Supreme Commander)

Alternative League (President)
Relatives Daniel Leonhard (brother)
May Zail (fiancée)
Powers and Abilities
Paranormal Powers Pyrokinesis
Skills Ancient Leonhard Style
Pray Style wave techniques

Dry Leonhard is a male human, regarded as one of the most powerful Knights in the universe. He hails from the politically influential and renowned Leonhard family, although, as later revealed, he actually experienced discrimination from his own relatives. Dry sought out to prove his detractors wrong through harsh self-training. His efforts were rewarded when he achieved the rank of Master Knight and the Zero Breaker title at an early age. He was also sent to the Battle of Velchees where his contributions helped with humanity's victory and earned him the reputation as a Hero of the Velchees War. Soon afterwards, he was appointed as the Deputy Chief of Eastern Order, his family's "territory". Dry currently holds the distinction of being the Top Sword.

Dry appears as a deuteragonist in the entire Knight Run series. In Main Episode-0 Pray, Dry starts his path to universal human unification by forming the New Alliance ad hoc coalition as an emergency response to the War of Prayer. The success of the Arin Recovery Campaign, that he personally spearheaded, rose his popularity and catapulted him into mainstream politics. Despite accomplishing the New Alliance's raison d'etre, Dry refused to stand down and disband the coalition on the pretext that their mission was still not over unless Queen E-34's Flower Garden was effectively neutralized.

Dry then consolidated his reign with both popular and military support by first winning over the allegiance of several influential and powerful factions. He also forcibly wrestled control of critical elements and expanded his own forces. By CC 431, he declared the successful end of E-34's Flower Garden suppression before declaring the formation of Alternative League, his own centralized universal government as opposed to both AE and Knight Order. Unrest over Dry's ambitions led to full-scale, open conflict which was covered by Main Episode-2 Knight Fall.



He has an antihero personality.


Dry's childhood and backstory was explored in Main Episode-3 Door


Battle of VelcheesEdit

Main article: Battle of Velchees

War of PrayerEdit

Battle of ValtiaEdit

Third Battle of ArinEdit

Hunt for E-34's Blue FlowersEdit

Tobal Civil WarEdit

who's burned every single EX-Type Zero he's come across, with the exception of the SS-Class Cross Eyes and the S-Class Fear. Dry is also one of the legendary 7 Heroes of the Velchees War.

He currently holds the title of Top Sword, the strongest of the Knights, using the Leonhard Family Paranormal Power of Heat Generation through exotic particles.

Dry is very well respected to the point where he engineers the New Alliance, basically another governing body for the entire AE. After the news of the attack on Arin arrives at Valtia he takes over from the deposed Central Order and leads mankind, planning to make the Beasts pay back for their sins.

He is the Deputy Chief of the Eastern Order as second-in-command to the Chief, who is implied to be his father. He hopes his brother Daniel Leonhard will in the future take his position. Although in ME0-Ch8 Daniel is already the Deputy Chief, in ME0-Ch15, circumstances are that Dry requires the political power of the position and takes it back.

He has known Anne since they were both young from missions they performed together. Also, he fancies her romantically, but does not have the courage to declare his love openly. This is despite the fact that Dry had a fiancee, May Zail. Even though both Leo and Dry have romantic affections for her, she remains ambivalent towards both of them. Diorasis IV is also very fond of Anne and always tries to tease her whenever they meet. Dry created Alternative League (A.L. which secretly means Anne Love) and Diorasis IV later joined as one of his subordinates. Anne was the reason for Dry's determination in taking over Knight Order and AE to create an united force against the Beasts. His action, however, was described by Jin as far more violent than Anne.

He is known to have participated in the Battle of Velchees, the Battle of Valtia and the Arin Recovery Campaign.

Dry cares about his brother Daniel and often he's teased by Anne. He is, however, troubled with Daniel's behavior as the later always try to pick fights with other people. It was Daniel's bad behavior which led to May developing feelings for Dry after he saved her from Daniel's prank. Dry is also friends with Lea Zail, their relationship is quite odd as Lea didn't like Dry at first because her cousin May is in love with him. Later, it is shown that their friendship improved through battles, but finally broken down after the formation of new Knight Order under Dry.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He honed his own talents which exponentially grew under his own training regimen from laughably feeble to near invincible. Dry epitomizes the word, "Hero".


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