A-Series Model 10s, resized

The A-Series Dolls are the pinnacle of doll technology. They have the closest, asymptotic likeness to humanity.

Dolls is the terminology used for androids in the Knight Run series. Although they are not biological human beings, advancements in science and engineering allowed for dolls to since acquire a degree of sentience and consciousness, including complex emotions. As such, they have secured the distinction of being legally recognized as special "human-like" existences accorded with special protective privileges akin to basic human rights. These rights include anti-discrimination and exploitation.[1]


There are many types of dolls created to specialize in specific roles - often involving complex calculations, fast-paced interactions, or highly technical engagements. Despite this, all dolls in general can expand their programming and skills outside the initial purpose through their AI self-awareness and autodidacticism. Thus, dolls can actually serve all kinds of roles or switch career paths much like how a human being can hold numerous potentials/opportunities.

The following are certain roles that dolls perform:

  • Combat - Dolls are better suited in combat scenarios as their bodies can withstand damage and perform various strenuous activity in the battlefield far more than what the fragile human condition can achieve. Often they are seen as escorts to Knights since they are capable/suited in keeping up with such fighters than regular soldiers. Most dolls in combat roles are suited for anti-Beast combat rather than against human forces.
  • Hard labor - Dolls can be put to industrial work and achieve productive objectives despite difficult environments such as in deep mining or outer space conditions. There are still some labor regulations protecting dolls from being subjected to too much danger or ill-welfare.
  • Military personnel/staff - Dolls are often seen serving as ensigns on the bridge of warships where they handle the helm, navigation, or other operations.
  • Management/Secretarial - Dolls can perform clerical duties and are typically employed to handle voluminous amounts of requests and paperwork. They are greatly demanded for accounting, finance-related services, and other jobs requiring precise information inputs or forecasting such as in the supervision of colonies and control of warp gates. Dolls are also popular sought out as secretaries since they can render both professional assistance as well as self-defense security for their clients.
  • Companionship/Domestic work - Dolls can also be used to act as maids, teachers/tutors, and nursing/care. Due to their advanced technology, dolls can acclimate themselves better to the personal sensitivities of their clients.


Due to the high quality of dolls, they are difficult if not outright impossible to mass-produce. Dolls can only be produced either individually or in limited batches. Though a batch of dolls may seem physically identical, they would each possess their own unique personalities and thus process information differently much like human experience. It would be better to perceive dolls as human spirits dwelling inside machine bodies.

Maintenance costs for dolls are also expensive. As such, only large organizations such as governments, armed forces, and wealthy corporations can afford to keep a considerable number of dolls in their respective workforce. The maintenance costs are offset by the fact that dolls can do consistent work efficiently at longer time periods and with little to no errors nor breaks. Though they are not affected by work-related stress or exhaustion, dolls may feint such feelings to get off work. They use this time to pursue hobbies or find other pleasures.

Notable DollsEdit

  • A-Series - a batch of individually-created and unique dolls with each generation improving on its precedent. The A-Series was designed and made by Dr. Thor with the support of PPP. It boasts itself for being the most advanced dolls in history and the closest in encapsulating human condition.
    • A-0 - a computation-type doll that analyzes, processes, and predicts complex algorithms for the PPP's Machine Society project.
    • A-9 - multi-role type doll that is used for surveillance, reconnaissance, and support.
    • A-10 - anti-high rank beast combat doll; the first and currently, only, doll equipped with a core.
  • Mohl - a military personnel-type doll. She participated in the War of Prayer as the chief helmsman of the AUA Flagship Alcyone.