Type Zero Ingrid Weapon of Massacre Beast

EX Type-Zero 'Bishop' held many Weapons. One weapon is DIS-PPLC Weapon (Weapon of Massacre), the other six weapons are AAA Class - Red Sidereal Weapons. Mysteltein is 2nd from the left and Morglay is 3rd from the right.

Korean name: 직결사고동기식사상확률고정연산병기 (直結思考同期式事象確率固定演算兵器)

aka. 사상병기 (事象兵器)

Colloquially translated as a Weapon of Massacre, the technical term for this armament is translated into approximately:

Translated by Sa-rang-han (사랑한).
"Direct Intellection Synchronization type Phenomenon Probability Locking Calculation Weapon"
(aka. DIS-PPLC Weapon)

These weapons synchronize Phenomenon to Idea of user, as a result it realizes IDEA. Among so many parallel worlds, a user visualizes the world he wants through this weapon and thus the world become realized as he wants (Phenomenon is limited by Phenomenon Power and Characteristics of weapon). For example, if you set a 100% chance of hitting an enemy after casting a spear, you can ignore all physical laws and realize that probability, whether you have a barrier or other obstruction between them. This is the case with Morglay when it bombarded Eden's defensive system and ignored the planetary defense shield as if it were a ghost.

These weapons derive their strength from their physics breaking properties. (The power is Phenomenon Power.) They have the stated and implied general properties of:

  1. Act according to the wielder's orders despite no transmission of energy.
  2. Carrying almost no inertia despite their mass when the wielder want them to.
  3. Strike with a force many times greater over a much greater area than what its kinetic energy should allow.
  4. Change velocity without applied force.
  5. Be almost indestructible.

Only four Beasts have used a DIS-PPLC Weapon thus far in the series and there have only been two Weapons of Massacre mentioned by name in the series:


Fear uses Balisarda, originally a weapon of the Cross Eyes.

Balisarda, first used by Cross Eye Alpha and Beta, then appropriated by Fear.
Morglay, originally used by Ingrid, also appropriated by Fear.

Morglay striking Valtia's capital.

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