Diorasis IV



First Appearance

Another Episode-2: Extra Story 3






Cold Hero



Diorasis IV is a Cold Hero and arguably one of their strongest members. His powers consist of manipulating strange blue threads that can create barriers that are nearly impossible to break. He can also weaponize the threads by using them as spears or even compacting them together to form a giant glass like sword.

He also wields the Bloody Queen, a sword forged by sacrificing a planet. Despite not being an AB Sword, this weapons capacity for destruction far exceeds many of the AB Swords that we've seen. The sword releases a powerful red energy and also Diorasis IV can summon illusion beasts, making him one of only three capable of this ability. Diorasis IV's hand to hand combat is also very good, he can easily kill several opponents just with his fist and was even capable of keeping up with Anne (with the aid of Rick). Due to his extreme power, Diorasis IV is extremely arrogant and looks down on humans as a whole.

It is implied that Diorasis IV and his sister are Homunculus created by the Innovation Empire, thus making them close acquaintances of Sion and the Zail Family. Diorasis IV was defrosted by Anne and Lea Zail. He's very fond of Anne and always tries to tease her whenever they meet. Dry created Alternative League (A.L) and Diorasis IV later joined as one of his subordinates.

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