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Dein is a so-called Mosaic Baby, created by the Paranormal Power Research Lab of the Northern Order. He is the height of Biological Engineering, whose goal is to find more and better ways to kill Beasts.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Dein was trained to be an Elite Zero Breaker and is already more powerful than most Master Knights, with his designer Circe saying that he may be even surpass Top Sword Milo. Dein has seven elite and Paranormal Powers that he can use simultaneously. Cross Society provided his body. One of his powers is AI combat fairies, which are apparently from the Great War era and are related to the Fairy King according to Milo.[1]

To prove his apparent superiority a fight was arranged with Pray at Central Order. The Northern Order wanted an ability test for their new weapon, while Central wanted an opponent who could last for more than a second against Pray. The beginning of the match stuns the onlookers composed of elite Knights, as Dein unleashes multiple Paranormal Powers. However, Pray who was still just a Trainee, has no weapon and no DC Coat, avoids all his attacks and drops him with a single Pray Style Planet Buster Punch. Defeating him unarmed with a single attack shocks the crowd.

Unconscious and his body shut down from the shock, Dein looses control of his elite powers, levitates up from the nap he was taking and emits a killing aura towards Pray. Having none of that, she instantly wrecks him with a six-hit flurry kick that snaps his body at each point of impact, quickly followed by an axe kick to the face with his head against the wall, swiping him down into the ground. At Milo's request Anne intervened and stopped Pray from finishing him.

It's highly probable that Dein would have won against almost anyone else. Anne remarks that Pray is invincible, which is due to her overwhelming Pray Style.

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