Daniel Leonhard



First Appearance

Main Episode-0: Chapter 7


ME0: 21, ME2: 24


183 cm (6' 0")


Master Knight


Number 6. ???

Daniel Leonhard is a Master Knight and Zero Breaker of the Eastern Order. He's the next in line for his older brother's position as Deputy Chief of the Eastern Order.

His role is to help Dry run the Eastern Order, though he personally despises the confines of this position and wants to focus solely on becoming the Top Sword.

His motivation for this comes from when he was younger, as he lost in a sparring match to Pray, who completely thrashed him before he even realized what was going on. Since then, he has held animosity towards anyone associated with Pray, and has trained hard so that he can one day defeat both her and Anne.

As shown above, Daniel is very proud and can be quite disdainful and undiplomatic towards most people he meets. Despite the duties as his brother's deputy, he often acts like a loose cannon. Him and fellow Master Knight Leo almost got into a fight at Anne's retirement party. A-10 arrived just in time to break it up using her Nohsim-powered shield.[1]

As a scion of the Leonhard family, he inherited the Paranormal Power of Heat Generation. Dry states in (ME0-Ch8) that Daniel is stronger than himself, though from Dry's actions in (ME0-Ch35), this is probably an act for his younger brother's pride. Later when Dry uses Mandala during his epic battle against Fear, Daniel says to himself "Dry... what is your limit... You're way beyond my capability".[2]

Daniel 02K

Daniel holding AB Sword Number 6. with Ron and Rune by his side.

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