Twin High Rank Beasts
Cross Eye
Alpha and Beta
CrossEyes 06

General Information
Appears in Main Episode-0 Pray
CC 422
Beta: CC 422.08.04
Alpha: CC 430
Status Beta slayed by Pray Mayer and Anne Mayer; Alpha in hiding
Type EX-Type Zero
Class SS-Class
Role All-Purpose Superiority
Armament Balisarda
Particle Beams
Special Ability Greatly enhanced twins
Produced by E-99 and E-101
Velchees, other Human Worlds
Complementary paired teamwork exhibiting dynamic coordination;

Combat style:

  • Combined quick attacks
  • Highly mobile

Cross Eye Alpha and Cross Eye Beta are twin EX-Type Zeroes both individually graded as SS-Class that were produced by the twin Queens E-99 and E-101. Their joint attack in several human worlds in CC 422 marked the first reappearance in nearly two centuries since another SS-Class was spotted; only EX-Type Zero Ingrid in CC 233 was the other such high rank beast recorded in history. Paralleling this feat, it was also the only time since Ingrid wherein a Phenomenon Weapon was wielded by Beasts; Ingrid previously used Morglay, and the twins now have Balisarda.

Cross Eye Alpha (red) and Beta (blue) are remarkably and fundamentally different from previous Beasts due to their close cooperation as a paired kin. This brought unprecedented power that dominated whatever battlefield the Cross Eyes were.

Cross Eye Alpha and Beta appear in a flashback arc of Main Episode-0 Pray covering Chapters 26-27. Cross Eye Alpha was also briefly revealed in the epilogue of ME0 as a teaser for succeeding episodes in the series.


Main article: Battle of Velchees

The AE and Knight Order combined forces were able to contain Cross Eye Alpha and Beta within Planet Velchees by exploiting the twin's protective nature for their Queens. By maintaining a constant assault on E-99's and E-101's Nest on Velchees, this would ensure that the Cross Eyes's movements would be greatly limited to within the planet only. Hundreds of Knights and thousands of troops more were expended simply to sustain this strategy - thus starting the epic Battle of Velchees that had since been turned into a modern legend.

Badass, Dry Badass Leonhard

Milo and Dry clearing the Beast army for a safe route

Cross Eyes, Absolute Dominence

The twins destroy Heavy Battleship Feinmann just by zipping through it

The scale and intensity of the battle turned pivotal in deciding the fate of human survival. Should the Beasts defeat humanity's forces in Velchees, they would spill over and overrun every human world thereafter. A special subjugation team of Master Knights was deployed to overturn humanity's compromising defensive stance in the battle. A counter-offensive initiative was immediately conducted that would further exploit the Cross Eye's vulnerability. AE deployed all of its forces to mount an all-out last assault on the twin Queen's Nest. As expected, the Cross Eyes were lured to respond to this threat. Top Sword Milo and Master Knight Dry Leonhard cleared a path against the combined high rank Beast army of E-99 and E-101 in order for Master Knights Pray Mayer and Anne Mayer to get to the designated combat zone safely. Pray and Anne were seen as the best paired counterpart who can rival the twins. The Master Knight duo then trained and modified their Pray Style within six months in the battle to specifically counter the Cross Eye twins.


Though unscathed, the Cross Eyes are grounded by the G-34 attack

Meanwhile, the Cross Eye Alpha and Beta are kept distracted by the Heavy Battleship Feinmann, a flotilla of Rammel-class Light Battleships, and other supporting fleets. Three G-34 Satellite Cannons prepared to open fire on the position of the EX-Type Zeroes while they were being kept preoccupied. Alpha and Beta were left unscathed from the attack but its true purpose was meant to ground the Cross Eyes and deny them their high mobility from leaving the combat zone.

Cross eyes vs anne pray

Pray and Anne engage Cross Eye Alpha and Beta

Once the Cross Eyes were pushed to the surface, they were met by Pray and Anne who engaged them in the concluding, ultimate fight. Eventually, the duo managed to gain an upper hand against the Cross Eyes. Beta was slayed while Alpha, though defeated, retreated from the scene - effectively abandoning its Queens. The commanders and other observers noted that they would have to revise the map of Velchees due to the immense destruction caused by the fight. With the EX-Type Zeroes neutralized, humanity was able to proceed in systematically discarding the Nest with sustained heavy bombardment. E-99 and E-101 were then slayed soon after.


7 Heroes 01K

Six of the 7 Heroes (L-R): Pray Mayer, Dry Leonhard, Lea Zail, Anne Mayer, Dio Dylan, and Yujin Han; Milo not in the picture

CrossEye Alpha 01

Cross Eye Alpha in hiding

E-99 and E-101, together with the Cross Eyes, overtook E-12 and Ingrid as the worst threat to humanity. AE and Knight Order committed nearly their entire effective fighting strength but it was all expended in frightening speed. The massive toll from the battle were: 127 armies and fleets decimated, five planets and 15 resource asteroids abandoned, and an estimated 100 million civilians dead. Though a huge price was paid for the battle's victory, humanity celebrated as it was the last known major Beast threat. Two years after in CC 424, the AE and Knight Order already predicted that the Age of Humans would come to pass within a decade.

The surviving Master Knights who took a major role during the final slaying operation were all given distinction. They had since been referred to as the 7 Heroes of the Velchees War.

It was revealed that Cross Eye Alpha is still alive and had retreated to a remote section of outer space. Alpha remained hidden by perfectly cloaking the entire satellite moon where it was residing with Balisarda's closed space. A passing human ship noticed the anomaly and the terribly confused crew confirmed with their maps that a 1500km satellite moon was missing from its supposed coordinates. Alpha then removed the cloaking to greet the disturbers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

CrossEyes 07

Cross Eyes' particle beam blast

G34 02

Cross Eyes' barrier negating the attack of three G-34s

Main article: Balisarda

Cross Eye Alpha and Beta wielded the Phenomenon Weapon Balisarda which is known as the ultimate shield that can absorb any incoming physical attack. Balisarda can also detach its outer armor-like shell into several, split pieces that act as remote drone units. They can individually move to attack multiple targets simultaneously as willed by the user. The inner material of the weapon is revealed to be a large particle saber. Balisarda's closed space also creates a suitable environment where the user can manipulate the field for its home advantage while opponents suffer from mysterious interferences. While active, the opponents are trapped inside this combat zone and outside forces could not enter.

The Cross Eyes however are still powerful even without Balisarda as seen with the output of their particle beams and barriers. A shot of particle beam from the Cross Eye can already punch holes through a fortress while their barriers are strong enough to dissipate the unleashed outburst of three G-34 Satellite Cannons without any harm. The twins also possess extreme speed and agility that are above the stats of its fellow EX-Types. This is supplemented further by also possessing flight capabilities. Their coordinated maneuvers can outpace the tracking limit of a normal human's eyes.




"A pair of flashing lights that struck fear into the hearts of Knights."

"The difference in power was too great. Cross Eye Alpha and Beta were different, incomparable to the EX-Type Zeros from before. It was as if the titles of Master Knight or Deputy Chief didn't exist. They slaughtered hundreds of Knights regardless of their rank. Seen as a pair of flashing lights on the battlefield, to this day, they still instill fear into the Knights."[1]
"Those two were just too overwhelming. The first twin EX-Type Zeros we've encountered. They were listed as SS-Class, [which was] saved only for the strongest. Only a few have ever been given that rank...Cross Eye Alpha...Cross Eye Beta..."
"Those two led an army of over a thousand High Ranks. Everyone gave up at that point. To think that every single monster in that army was a High Rank...And at least half of them were single-digits! That was probably the first time an army like that was seen in history. Honestly, we wouldn't have stood a chance even if we deployed all our knights."
(Readying before the ultimate fight against the Cross Eyes)
Anne Mayer: "We've fought the same opponents 24 times in the last 6 months. I pray this will be the last"
Pray Mayer: "This is the first and last chance to battle like this. This will be our last duel. Lets finish it, you Cross Eye freaks!"



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