Core BlueFlower 01

The massive Core of the Blue Flower that fell on Tobal.

Human warships in general have an energy generating Core which powers multi-configuration shields and multi-directional particle beam weapons.

High Rank Beasts have the biological equivalent of the Human Core technology called "Nohsim", which is a very compact high-yield energy and particle generator, allowing them to project Personal Shields and to perform particle beam attacks. These cores emit a distinctive signature when activated, allowing them to be detected on sensors.

There are different classes of cores, from C-Class up to S-Class. Then there's the massive cores that power Blue Flower's and other large Beast ships.

Core Temple of the Central Order - "This is top secret... C.K.'s energy source was a Nova-Class engine of the floating fortress Avalon from the age of the Great War." "Along with the Eden, it's the biggest power generator of mankind."

Avalon was a "Floating fortress with a Nova-Class black hole engine which fought against tens of flowers and billions of Beasts hundreds of years ago..." ME0-Ch67

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