Core BlueFlower 01

The massive Core of the Blue Flower that fell on Tobal.

Core (a.k.a. Nohsim; 노심 in Korean) is a semi-permanent organosilicon compound energy source used by both humans and Beasts.

Utilization and Development History Edit

Humans primarily use the Core to power Core Units (노심기 in Korean) and warships, while the Beasts utilize it to power High Rank Beasts and warships. Both humans and beasts use the energy from the core to generate barriers, power beam weapons, and increase mobility.

Humans originally developed the Core technology but Beasts were the ones that were successful in miniaturizing the Core technology to outfit human-sized battle units, known as the High Rank Beasts. These miniature cores allowed human-sized High rank Beasts to possess the power output of a battleship which they used to drive humanity to near extinction.

By the beginning of Knight-Run, humans managed to miniaturize the Core technology to power mid-sized Core Units and were successful in developing low-class, human-sized miniature cores. However, they were unsuccessful in utilizing this technology to power human-sized units and were also unsuccessful in developing high-class miniature cores. Humans eventually made up for these deficiencies by extracting high-class miniature cores from High Rank Beasts.

Dr. Thor was the first person to be successful in utilizing a high-class miniature core to power a human-sized Core Unit, A-10. Because humanity does not possess the technology to create a high-class miniature core, Thor used Cross Eye Beta's miniature core to power A-10. To date, A-10 is the only human-sized unit from humanity's side that is capable of utilizing a high-class miniature core.

Due to the extremely high energy output from the cores, both humans and Beasts utilize limiters to restrict the core's output. However, they can suppress the limiter to overload the core's power output, which may grant them increased firepower, defense, and mobility depending on the core's utilization. But a core cannot remain in this state for too long due to the danger of meltdown.

Some Core Units and Beasts harness multiple cores to increase their power output, thereby increasing their firepower, defense, and mobility.

Human warships in general have an energy generating core which powers multi-configuration shields and multi-directional particle beam weapons.

High Rank Beasts utilize the core as a compact high-yield energy and particle generator, which allow them to project Personal Shields and to perform particle beam attacks. These cores emit a distinctive signature when activated, allowing them to be detected on sensors.

Class and Size Edit

There are different classes of cores, from C-Class up to S-Class. Then there's the massive cores that power Blue Flower's and other large ships.

Humans typically utilize massive cores to power warships while utilizing mid-sized cores and low-class miniature cores to power mid-sized Core Units. However, until A-10's development, humans were unable to utilize miniature core technology to power human-sized units. To this day, A-10 is the only successful human-sized unit that is capable of utilizing a high-class miniature core.

Beasts are able to utilize cores of all sizes to power warships, weapons, and High Rank Beasts. To this day, Beasts are the only ones that are capable of developing high-class miniature cores.

Core Temple of the Central Order - "This is top secret... C.K.'s energy source was a Nova-Class engine of the floating fortress Avalon from the age of the Great War." "Along with the Eden, it's the biggest power generator of mankind."

Avalon was a "Floating fortress with a Nova-Class black hole engine which fought against tens of flowers and billions of Beasts hundreds of years ago..." ME0-Ch67

Black Hole Drive Edit

Black Hole Drive, also known as the Black Hall Engine (블랙홀 엔진 in Korean) is a special type of core that is used to power certain Human warships, fortresses, and Blue Flowers. The Black Hole Drives allow warships to warp without utilizing the Gate technology and possess even greater power output than S class cores used to power warships.

The technology itself was developed and commonly used during the Great War, but humans no longer possess the knowledge to create Black Hole Drives. Due to this, Black Hole Drives are extremely rare and humans typically salvage them from warships from the Great War for utilization.

Beasts, on the other hand, still possess the means to develop Black Hole Drives and are capable of utilizing the the cores to power Blue Flowers.

Alcyone, Mnemeion, and Odyssey are examples of ships that utilize Black Hole Drives.

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