Clint Zail
Clint 01



First Appearance

Another Episode 2: The Village Where You Are: Chapter 4




6ft 4in


Retired Master Knight

Clint Zail is a member of the Zail Family and is Rhea Zail's older brother. It's heavily implied that he's in love with her and he's eternally jealous of Sion for taking away his role as protector of Rhea. He wanted to prove he was worthy of protecting Rhea by defeating Grant Zail, who was seeking power and was the next head in-line of the Zail Family. However, after Grant insulted and injured Rhea, twelve year old Sion utterly crushed him on the spot, right before Clint's eyes. This event began his hatred for Sion.

Clint is a retired Blade Master who is now helping his brother-in-law Robert Nelson rise into political power on Tobal.

Clint grows to hate Sion and accuses her of attracting those who are close to her and leading them to their destruction. So much so, that he made a promise with Sion that after the war they would fight and he desired an outcome where only one of them would walk away. This the "promise" that he mentions numerous times throughout the AE2 arc.

In (AE2 - Ch52) they finally have their long promised fight after Clint frees her from captivity. He's able to do so because of the chaos Van is causing by fighting on the lower floors of the space elevator they are on.

Clint 03-0

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