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Personally named Chatterbox by E-34, this EX-Type Two specializes in electronic warfare for recovering firepower support.[1] She is first seen during a flashback as Leny explains to Van what happened when they attacked the Blue Flower above Tobal.[2]

Chatterbox is seen again when she attacks the Original Chimera, who was on a mission to visit the Blue Flower debris in orbit above Tobal to retrieve the AB Sword Number 680. Armored Blade that had been left behind by Sion. The EX-Type Two had been hiding there the whole time and was shown to be using some kind of cloaking device to conceal her presence.[3][4]

Powers and Abilities Edit

Chatterbox demonstrates a high level of competency and planning even after Queen E-34 had been slain. This includes the revival of the destroyed EX-Type Zero Hyperion, which is henceforth called Hyperion Repair, and the recapture of the Graveyard Mnemeion ship by ECM tactics.[4] Creation of an erosion type mobile Plant and the capture of the massive human Photon Cannon "The Golden Ring" by ECM tactics, which is then used to attack planet Tobal, causing massive destruction on the surface.[5]

While melee fighting, she uses Pray Style skills numerous times.[6]

After Hyperion Repair is defeated by Zion, Chatterbox becomes the final boss of the AE2 arc.


Chatterbox is one of the very few Beasts shown to be able to speak human language. Van was very surprised when she started a full on conversation with him during their battle, after her headgear was destroyed.[6] Chatterbox has a bubbly, yet murderously psychopathic personality. This seems to be due to the fact that she was hardwired by E-34 to destroy planet Tobal.[6] She actually talks quite a bit and this is where her name comes from.


"My name is Chatterbox...daughter of the Queen who prays to the sky with honor, Type 2 mass-production type."[6]
(To Van Nelson) "Oi human. You're at least as strong as a monster. That's impressive!"[6]
"Human lights...there's still too many of them...I hate light. Go to hell, y'all."[6]
"May peace be with this world... Towards a peaceful paradise free of humans... All the flowers with blossom in around 15 minutes. It will be the end of this hideous world."[7]
"LaLaLa - The world is such a beautiful place, Mom."[7]
"Mom...I did my best. So give me a pat on the shoulder."[8]


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