High Rank Beasts are human-sized Beast units that utilize miniature core technology.

These miniature cores allow human-sized High rank Beasts to possess the power output of a warship, generate barriers, and possess extremely high mobility, allowing them easily eliminate infantries, Core Units, and even warships despite their size. These units typically operate within the range of Jamil Organ, a jamming device unique to massive Beasts and Beast fortresses that can nullify communication, disrupt homing weapons, and dissipate beams. Certain High Rank Beasts such as Type 7 even possess their own built-in Jamil Organ, making them even more dangerous. Humanity was driven to near extinction due to the appearance of these units, which necessitated the formation of the Knights. The strongest of the High Rank Beasts are classified as Ex-Type Zeroes.

Significance Edit

High Rank Beasts are the reasons why humanity chose to utilize elite close-combat specialists, known as the Knights, instead of solely relying on conventional weapons such as warships and artillery in waging its war against the Beasts. Because these Beasts were capable of generating barriers, the most efficient weapons that could harm them were the weapons that utilize AB particles, which can dissipate barriers. However, due to the limited availability of AB particles, humans were unable to mass produce artillery rounds that would produce anti-barrier effect. Even if humans were capable of utilizing AB particles in artillery form, many High Rank Beasts possessed enough mobility to avoid bullets, cannon fires, and beams. Therefore, humans were forced to utilize AB particles in melee weapons known as the AB Swords. And due to extreme combat capabilities of the High Rank Beasts, humans needed equally capable combatants that could fully take advantage of the AB Swords.

Unlike other mass-produced beasts that are created in plants, these units are created in the Queen's womb. A queen typically gives birth to High Rank Beasts via embryo transfer but she directly gives birth to the strongest High Rank Beasts, known as Ex-Type Zeroes.

List of High Rank Beasts Edit

A list of High Rank Beasts. Naturally this includes all known EX-Types, but Type 2 up to Type 77 are also included. Type 90 and weaker are considered low rank.

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