Blue Ring is a D/C-Class EX-Type Zero that appeared in CC 430 during the Battle of Void. It was produced by Queen D-38, presumably to supplement the defenses of her Nest and as a way to disrupt the orbital bombardment of the AE fleet.

Blue Ring is characterized by its tall and slender frame, appearing like a humanoid skeletal shadow. It is easily identifiable due to its prominent wings that extend from its shoulder blades. Glowing line patterns also trace out Blue Ring's body.

Blue Ring appears briefly in the opening episode/extended prologue of Main Episode-0 Pray as part of the backdrop when the EX-Type Zero was mentioned in a conversation between Anne Mayer and Leo. Its participation in the Battle of Void was only narrated and not much of its actual battles were covered. Blue Ring is noted to be the first EX-Type Zero to be shown in the Knight Run series.


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Blue Ring Resized

Blue Ring bringing down a Valter-class during the battle

Blue Ring's appearance came as a shock to the human forces on Void since it was unexpected for the nature of D-38 as a Dile-Type to produce an EX-Type. Despite its mediocre Class assessment, Blue Ring is still extraordinarily powerful for a high rank beast since it still an EX-Type Zero. As such the AE and Void self-defense forces were ill-prepared to respond to such a threat [1]. Blue Ring killed 5,000 soldiers, destroyed 8 special warships from the AE Elite Space Fleet and annihilated the 7th and 16th Ground Divisions. It also killed 21 Knights while injuring the rest that participated in the battle. Master Knight Leo debuted as a Zero Breaker when he successfully pacified Blue Ring. The EX-Type Zero was then captured alive [2].

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Blue Ring specializes in air superiority as a dedicated flying combatant. It possesses wings that give it amazing aerodynamic capabilities and also serve as its primary weapon.