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Blue Ring is the first EX-Type Zero seen in the series and was captured during the battle for Planet Void.

Produced by the Dile Class Queen D-38, Blue Ring was ranked by Dry as either a C or D Rank. Despite this average rank, being 4 or 5 ranks from the top and 3 or 2 from the bottom, Blue Ring, as the Type Zero of the Dile Class Queen, is still extraordinarily strong for a Beast.

As the AE forces were not prepared for a Type Zero to appear, Norton detailed that Blue Ring annihilated 7 Naval fleets and 11 Land army Divisions, killing 5 Knights and injuring 21, including Master Knight Leo.

However Leo perservered and defeated Blue Ring, but suffered a broken right arm as well as other injuries in the process, with no other knights combat ready, this forced Anne to fight the remaining High Ranks and finish the Battle on Void.
Blue Ring Resized

With the element of surprise, Blue Ring inflicted heavy casualties.

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