All Purpose Invasion Type Fortress "Blue Flower" is a massive fortress-class Beast specialized for strategic power projection. Equivalent to a mobile Queen's Nest, containing hundreds of thousands of smaller beasts within recessed bunkers on its surface, equipped with a super heavy yield multi-directional particle weapon capable of shooting down a Torbal space fortress in a single shot, thousands of normal output particle cannons all over its facets and being able to consecutively warp, this is a mobile base capable of assaulting and holding an entire human world by itself.

As this giant Beast matures, it develops and unfolds its petals. At Level 10 all features are fully functional. They are between 150 and 300km wide.

Appears in (Ep 0 - Ch 41).

It's most powerful weapon is the massive, tree-like particle beam emitter on top. There are two different fire modes for this: five simultaneous beams spread out which are typically used to destroy entire fleets of ships or one giant single beam that's formed by focusing these together that's typically used to destroy underground bases.


The first Blue Flower to appear.

BlueFlower Multiple

Multiple Blue Flowers appear at the end of the Pray War, a so-called Flower Garden.

BlueFlower Beam 01

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