Blue beetle resized

Blue Beetle, with the human sized Fear in front of her.

Blue Beetle is the 2nd EX-Type Zero produced by E-34 and she is the sister of Fear.

Dry notes that Blue Beetle is "a High Power, all purpose Type Zero", as compared to the Anti-Knight Specialist Fear, and is equipped with a higher A-Class Nohsim and multiple particle weapons. She appears in ME0-Ch13.

Blue beetle

Blue Beetle, escorted by Black Sharks and Type-77s, passes by Anne Mayer to destroy colony debris falling to Planet Arin



MJOLNIR pierces through Arden

Blue Beetle is, as Dry notes, widely varied in equipment, meeting her role as a multi purpose Type Zero. She appears to store extra weaponry in her outer armor, which is also ablative, being discarded as it's damaged beyond repair, it turns out that all of Blue Beetles visible arms and legs are expendable.

She is first shown with the Amythyst Lance, a piercing weapon that can also project a powerful particle beam capable of slicing right through a Titan Class Cruiser, shields and all. ME0-Ch13

Blue Beetle armed with MJOLNIR and wearing her largest armor: Almighty Ultimate Weapon, The Blue

During the extraction of Fear from Valtia, Blue Beetle also equips 4 discardable, long range Amythyst Particle Cannons, then later draws 4 unnamed particle emission blades for close combat against the Knights. Dry mentions that the Boanic Echo Shield attached to her shoulders is secret technology from Central Order.[1]

Her most destructive armament is without a doubt, MJOLNIR, a large, variable output particle cannon that's capable of warship vaporizing blasts, or razor edged cuts, all at extreme range.

Blue Beetle's baseline form is, like Fear, actually not much larger than a human. In this humanoid form, she arms herself with the Violet Crystal Sword, though she can still directly wield MJOLNIR.

Armor FormsEdit

BlueBeetle Almighty

Largest form: Almighty Ultimate Weapon, The Blue

Blue Beetle has four different bodies due to her ablative armor, similar to a Russian Doll. The largest form is the Almighty Ultimate Weapon, The Blue. This has multiple Nohsims and various particle beam weapons attached. It's mainly used for carpet bombing and siege purposes. There's also a large shield that mounts on the left side that has its own Noshim, making it capable of particle beam attacks as well as remotely controlled flight.

BlueBeetle Gladiator

Blue Beetle wielding MJOLNIR in her second largest form, Gladiator, after discarding the Almighty Ultimate Weapon, The Blue

After being simultaneously attacked by all the A-10 Dolls, Blue Beetle sheds The Blue over-armor and reveals the "Gladiator" form. This has all the Nohsims dedicated towards mobility and it's so fast that the A-10's sensors cannot keep up. This raw speed combined with the power of MJOLNIR results in several A-10's being destroyed with little effort.

Blue beetle lance

Blue Beetle in her commonly seen third largest form armed with the Amythyst Lance

After Anne lands a Crescent Moon - The Red Wave Technique, Blue Beetle sheds the damaged Gladiator and takes on her commonly seen third form. There seems to be a preference towards spear use in this form, though she does also use the 4 unnamed particle emission blades revealed on Valtia against the Knights for close combat.

BlueBeetle Base

Blue Beetle in her true baseline form wielding the Violet Crystal Sword

After an intense sword battle Anne lands another Crescent Moon - The Red that slices right through Blue Beetle's ablative third form. She then sheds this damaged armor in a surprise maneuver that catches Anne off guard. Luckily A-10 saves her in the nick of time.

Blue Beetle is now in her true, baseline form. She wields the Violet Crystal Sword against Anne as they enter the climax of their fight.

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