Bishop 05K
Bishop 01

Bishop holds many weapons, one of which is a DIS-PPLC Weapon (Phenomena Weapon). The other six are AAA Class - Red Sidereal Weapons. Dione the Green Lance is 1st on the left, Mysteltein is 2nd from the left, Red Lance of Blood is 3rd from the left and Morglay is 3rd from the right.

Bishop 02
Bishop 03

Bishop was mistook as an EX-Type Zero by humanity. He is the defender of the Main Program and he came to Tobal to reclaim Mysteltein after sensing the death of Hyperion Repair at the conclusion of Another Episode-2 A Village Where You Are.[1]

He is a guardian with all its specs focused on defense. Fully powered up, even a large-scale fleet would not be able to get through because his armory and barriers are far stronger than EX-Type Zeros. However, his basic attack power is equal to an ordinary EX-Type Zero and far less than a S-Class EX-Type Zero.[2]

This is why Bishop relies on many weapons to make up for that weakness, including Phenomenon Weapon Morglay and the aforementioned AAA Class - Red Sidereal Weapon Mysteltein. Each of these weapons is strong beyond imagination, but they also seem to each have a weakness.[2][3]

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