First Appearance

Ep0 - Ch15






Master Knight



First appearing in Part - 15, Bernet is a rather laid back, married and somewhat flirtatious Master Knight who fights with a Spear as his primary AB weapon.

Presumably old, he is a very experienced Knight, being both a Zero Breaker, a title given to people who have managed to kill a EX-Type Zero, and mentioned as having experience against an A-Class EX-Type Zero, though it is not made clear whether he gained his title by killing the A Class.

He has Psychokinesis as his Paranormal Power, with which he uses to enhance his speed as well as changing his spear path mid thrust.

He is known to have participated in the Battle of Valtia and the Arin Recovery Campaign.
Bernet Paranormal Power

Bernet attacks with his Spear and Paranormal Power.

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