The Battle of Velchees is a decisive conflict that's commonly referenced throughout Main Episode-0 and it plays a major role in both Anne and Pray's backstory.

CC (S.E.Y) 422, an era where Humanity had all but won, where the Beast offensives had been driven back repeatedly, for the first time since the Beasts had appeared over 290 years back, it was a Human Age.

"One-third of the troops from the Central were decimated. A living hell where five planets and fifteen resource asteroids were devoured.
Over half the Knights in central were annihilated. A battle where Knights who were hailed as heroes were slaughtered like cattle." Dry Leonhard.[1]

The Elise-Type Queen is the most invasive, aggressive and destructive type of Queen. One is already a cause for great concern and the formation of System Alliances, where the planetary defense forces of multiple Planets co-ordinate and combine to put down the threat.

"A pair of twin Queens; Elise - 99, Elise - 101, they were listed at S-rank level."[1]

The simultaneous invasion by a pair of the strongest class and most aggressive type of Queen completely overturned the previous situation.

"They invaded up to the level 7 spheres. The Plants on their planets churned out Beasts like volcanoes. The Queens that invaded and built armies with frightening speed. The overwhelming number of High Rank Beasts. And more than anything... The strongest battle unit in existence. Type Zero."

It's THEM.

Cross Eyes, Absolute Dominence

A pair of flashing lights...that struck fear into the hearts of Knights.

The difference in power was too great. Cross Eye Alpha and Beta were different, incomparable to the EX-Type Zeros from before.

It was as if the titles of Master Knight or Deputy Chief didn't exist. They slaughtered hundreds of Knights regardless of their rank. Seen as a pair of flashing lights on the battlefield, to this day, they still instill fear into the Knights"[1]

"The sky was covered by the firefights in space. And the ground was blanketed with fire as far as the eye can see. The surface was littered with launch pads that shot the beasts into space. It was truly fitting of being called "Hell". Everyone believed that the knights would be utterly defeated within a month. I remember seeing Norton Class battleships being torn to pieces in a few seconds. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it for myself.
Forget lasting a month, I didn't think we would last until the end of the week.
Those two were just too overwhelming. The first twin EX-Type Zeros we've encountered... They were listed as SS-Class, saved only for the strongest. Only a few have ever been given that rank. Cross Eye Alpha. Cross Eye Beta.

Badass, Dry Badass Leonhard

"One thousand High Ranks, and half of them single digits..."

Those two led an army of over a thousand High Ranks. Everyone gave up at that point. To think that every single monster in that army was a High Rank... And at least half of them were single-digits. That was probably the first time an army like that was seen in history. Honestly, we wouldn't have stood a chance even if we deployed all our knights.

I don't know what made you two [Anne and Pray] so angry back then. But I still remember how you jumped into that army without any hesitation".


It was a completely unsustainable battle, the Cross Eyes and their army were inflicting casualties at an unbelievable rate, having destroyed 127 individual fleets, low end estimate of 100 million civilians dead, and uncountable infantry casualties. Worse, the twin Queens were not committing all their forces to the offensive, attacking other planets with small groups of High Ranking units through a Level 5 Biogate, causing horrific damage as all Knights and most AE forces were en route, already on, or dead on planet Velchees.

Anne: "In these 6 months, the AE and Knight orders are completely exhausted."

The AE sent a desperate attack with 3 ancient ships, designed with advanced technology from before the loss of Earth and a unit of veteran Knights warping directly into the atmosphere, a move with a very high failure rate, to try and take out the Queens. They were wiped out almost to the man by the twin EX-Type Zeros. They would have to be eliminated first.

But the Cross Eyes could rarely be reached, Anne and Pray were many things, but neither had the Paranormal Power to fly, they could not force a decisive battle when the Queens were not on the line, and the Queens were too well protected.

"We've fought the same opponents 24 times in the last 6 months... I pray this will be the last..."

Seeing the protective behavior of the Twin EX-Type Zeros, the AE announced a gambit; an entire fleet would be sent in an all out assault on the Nest of the Elise Queens, to lure the EX-Type Zeros into the kill zone of the G-34 Satellite strike system.

Anne Pray Cross Eyes Horizontal


If they survived, the two strongest Knights, Anne and Pray, would be waiting on the ground. In a decisive battle, Anne and Pray had only a 0.01% chance of surviving, let alone winning. But there would be no second chance, E - 99 and E - 101 will continue to eat planets, with the AE and Knights decimated, if Anne and Pray were to lose, their defeat would mean the extinction of Humans.
"This is the first and last chance to battle like this. This will be our last duel" "Lets finish it, you Cross Eye freaks."

Even whilst this battle was going on, the Battle of Velchees raged bitterly around them.

"If the AE cannot hold the low level Beasts back, the Knights will be overwhelmed by sheer numbers, but if the Knights cannot hold against the High Level Beasts, the AE will be helplessly destroyed."

While Pray and Anne engaged in the greatest battle in the entire Human-Beast conflict, war was waged all around them.

Milo and Dry destroyed hundreds of High Rank Beasts, former and future Top Swords along with the Chief of Central Order Lime Zail, and possibly hundreds of other Knights who were not shown, prevented any reinforcements from reaching the Cross Eyes. Admiral Norton commanded the combined Naval Fleets of the Northern Alliance in orbit, stopping the Beasts from launching Plants and Warships all across the Galaxy.

This was the decisive battle of Velchees.


Pray and Anne defeat the EX-Type Zeros, Dry and Milo burned a record, for most number of High Rankers defeated in a day, through the numbers of the Beast Army, and bits and pieces of Beast warships burned in the atmosphere.

"Knights Save the World"
"And Pray, the greatest Knight of all."

But, not all ended well. Pray's public reputation lost it's luster in the news of her second murder. Anne could not stand that Pray would kill people for her sake, Anne, who would risks her life to save those of others.

Anne moves to Northern Order the following summer on the condition that once she returns, that both she and Pray could retire. After all, the event that another Elise-Type Queen or an SS-Class EX-Type Zero appearing was not something that would happen again within their life times right?

Ep0. Pray - Ch30
"So seven years have passed"
Ep0. Pray - Ch1
"S.E.Y 430. Mankind is at war with monsters"

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