Beasts warp in with the guidance of the AE warp marker.

E-34's attack upon Arin receives a near instant response, Dry rallies the leaderless Knight Orders and bullies the AE into agreeing with this emergency measure, legal prerequisites be damned.

However, before Dry can clearly establish a chain of command and reorganize the various militaries into a proper Systems Alliance, E-34 launches a simultaneous attack upon all 4 of the AE major fleet marshaling stations.

Initial Invasion.Edit

Episode Pray - Part 15

As Anne hears about the attack on Arin and makes a decision to head there in her role of Colonel Mayer of the AUA rather than former Knight of Central Anne Mayer, Valtia's 66th Warp Marker receives an incoming unscheduled handshake signal. Though the operators are initially wary, once the codes are identified as the Central Order's, they quickly allow the Warp Marker to open, reasoning it could be a Warp Ship.

On the ground, Anne, intercepted on her way to the Space Port by Master Knights Dan and Bernet, notices incoming meteorites.

The capital city is struck multiple times by the debris, identified as parts of the 5th Orbital Naval base, under attack by the Beasts. The unscheduled warp-in request was from the beasts, who used the AE Warp marker to navigate to Valtia.


A type Manaan warp capable mother ships plows through the debris of Valtia's Navy space Stations

The Beasts pour through, Harmel fast assault frigates quickly destroying the forces in orbit and Fin fast assault frigates, using a steep atmospheric entry, get within attack range of the unprepared AE ground force bases in just 5 minutes after arrival.

In that short time, all of the AE's spaceborn ships alongside 5 land bases had been destroyed and the beasts had already hacked the AE IFF (Identification Friend or Foe), meaning that no other AE forces would be alerted to the attack on Valtia.

The force is led by a 1 kilometer long, warp-capable Type Manaan mothership, and it turned out that the major fleet stationing planets of Naprika, Puan and Daltia also came under attack from a similar force.

Dry orders the fortress of Eden and all the Forces inside to be activated while he oversees the launch of Flagship Zeppelin.

Episode Pray - Part 16

Multiple engagements occur all over Valtia as the Beasts make landfall, the mobilized AE warships easily destroy the fast Assault ships but cannot even scratch the Mothership.

Anne quickly notices the irregularities in the attack pattern and concludes that the Beasts are specifically attacking Eden. Dry intercepts the Mothership with Zeppelin and pushes it away from the City.


The Beast force to take Eden. A Type 5, four Type 77s, dozens of mass produced Type 1s.

Episode Pray - Part 17

Daniel escorts Chief Feizer onto the ship, where she ravages the massive ship with AB Sword Masterpiece 9: "Thousand Spikes", drawing out the High Rank Beasts from within the ship. Various other Knights arrive and they engage and defeat the High Rankers: a Type 5, four Type 77s and twenty odd mass produced Anti Knight specialist Type 1's.

As the battle in the sky rages on, the situation groundside is coming under control, with Anne directing the various disparate elements of the forces, they quickly push back the Beasts.

With the destruction of the High Ranks, especially the two single digit Type 5's, it appears the situation is coming under control.

S-Class Anti-Knight specialist EX-Type Zero Fear.

Fear Arrives.Edit

Episode Pray - Part 18 - 21

The Manaan class is presumed powerless, having already launched all it's fighters, but then the last unit it was carrying within it emerges.

E -34's 1st EX-Type Zero - Fear.

Another oddity in a battle full of them, Fear walks, apparently unarmed, right into the crowd of veteran Knights who just warmed up from the previous battle and allows herself to be surrounded, with AB Swords, at melee range, where the super high core outputs of EX-Type Zeros shouldn't matter, especially Fear, who possessed only a C-Class Core.

Fear proceeds to massacre them all faster than a blink of an eye. Even Northern Order Chief Feizer is almost killed, rescued by a timely intervention from Daniel.

Fear then proceeds to deal the entire Planet Valtia and the Planetary Fortress Eden a lethal blow with Weapon of Massacre Morglay.


Morglay locks the planetary mantle and induces a Level 5 climate shift, forcing an evacuation of the planet.

For a moment, Fear flies down to Anne very quickly, clearly seeking her out, even protecting Anne from her overpressure wave with her own barrier, then waiting until Anne leaves to engage Dry, who intervened between the two.

A huge battle takes place between Dry and Fear, with Dry firmly on the losing side until he retrieves his primary AB Sword Number 1. The One and re-engages Fear, culminating in the face off of their ultimate techniques.

Dry once again comes off worse, due to the properties of Fear's attack, having the power cancelling abilities of the Pray Special Wave style. Still, he brought enough time for the Type Zero subjugation force consisting of:

Seven Master Knight, Zero Breakers: Leo, Daniel, Dan, Bernet, Doi, Jenny and Kiri.
Three Type D Titan Cruisers: Dalton, Minerva and Canaan.
150 crusaders of the Cross League.
Solat Class Anti Type Zero Frigates.
AE Special Task Force troopers armed with Graviton Beam Emiters.

This overwhelming force brings Fear to her knees, but the sudden arrival of a single High Rank Beast through a Level 5 Biogate once again changes the situation.

E-34's second EX-Type Zero: Blue Beetle.

Accompanied by 4 units that look like specialized Type 5s, Blue Beetle disables two of the Titans and retrieves Fear, using the Manaan to warp out, ending the Battle of Valtia.

Dry: "...don't say it... it's our loss."


The loss of ships, space stations, the force of veteran Knights that Fear almost contemptuously slaughtered, the shelter of Eden, and the entire planetary biosphere of 4 separate, heavily populated Inner Sphere planets, as well as the knowledge that the Beasts could use active warp markers to launch attacks, stonewalled the Arin Recovery Campaign.

Almost the entire effort of the AE was now redirected at recovery and evacuation of the various civilian populations, as well as reconstruction of the devastated fleet.

"That ridiculous Type Zero and its four Morglays caused far worse damage to four planets than a few Queens combined... Our chances of recovery are just..."

E-34 was free to build up her forces. Just as planned.

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