Cross Eye Alpha (red) and Beta (blue) at the Battle of Velchees with Balisarda equipped in their right hands.

Balisarda Activate

Balisarda splitting up and destroying multiple targets instantly.

Dry Mandala 01
Dry Mandala 02
Balisarda 01K

Balisarda right after blocking Dry's Mandala wave attack.

Balisarda Activate 02

Balisarda split apart and all the panels simultaneously attacking Dry. The fact that he makes it through this onslaught, which is capable of effortlessly slicing up a warship, goes to show how strong he is.

Balisarda is a Phenomenon Weapon that's a large, shield-like device In its inactive state.

First appears when the twin EX-Type Zeros Cross Eye Alpha and Beta each have one during the Battle of Velchees.[1]

Much later during the Reconquest of Arin, Fear again uses a Balisarda. This is likely Cross Eye Beta's Balisarda that had gone to Central Order after its defeat.

Powers and Abilities Edit

When activated, Balisarda splits into many individual pieces, each moving separately, to attack multiple targets simultaneously.

This weapon has abilities similar to the Beast Chamild Organ, which allows it to distort space to render a certain area invisible from the outside, as well as projecting a shield across that area, preventing entry.

Balisarda also has the ability to dissipate powerful particle beams. Cross Eye Alpha and Beta used them to deflect the combined beams of three AE G-34 Satellite Cannons.[1]

Perhaps more impressive, Fear used her Balisarda to absorb a Mandala wave attack from Dry called Red Shadow Buster / Mandala 3 Kinds Pray Style Wave Type Focused Particles. This is a new Leonhard sword style that was made by Dry and supported by Pray, completed with the power of Mandala.[2]

According to Leo, Balisarda is the most powerful Supernatural Weapon in history. [2]

Quotes Edit

"It's activating... Balisarda's... Absolute closed space for avoiding interruption", Milo.[3]

References Edit

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