Aurora Zeppelin

Flagship Zeppelin initiating its Aurora System

Aurora System is an advanced human technology that appears in the Knight Run universe. It is a spacefaring-capable propulsion for equipment and ships that was researched and developed by Central Order with assistance from Eastern Order and AE. Beasts acquired the technology through Queen E-34 in CC 430. The Aurora System was first used in combat during the War of Prayer.

Aurora System is a high-powered maneuvering system that allows for near instant accelerations and changes in direction. When used, it effectively appears as tactical/short-range teleportation jump. An active Aurora System distinctively produces green translucent panels that form up as wings or flower whorls. These panels per se causes the wielding vessel or individual to manipulate the speed bursts through an unknown process.

During the Third Battle of Arin, Flagship Zeppelin and Alcyone demonstrated a novelty offensive use for Aurora System. The two linked up to share power for the Aurora System and then accelerated themselves with several stacks of the Aurora wings. They then used the built up kinetic energy to ram two Thanatos Battleships.




"Aurora has a super-acceleration by using inertia panel which comes closer to SCR Drive and drastic redirection"

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