Arin is the planet where the headquarters of the Knights Central Order is located. Most of the Knights are stationed within the Core Temple and this is also where the Knight trainees study and learn to fight.

The Arin Self Defense Force is known as the AUA, which is under the authority of the Arin Government. It is probably the largest planetary self defense force, having many warships as well as Knights, who are attached to it through the Central Order.

Despite the large presence of Knights, AUA isn't related to the Central Order, being on a different command chain, often creating friction between the two organizations over jurisdiction, but it's hierarchically subordinated when major, system wide decisions are made.

Planet Arin was subjugated by the Beasts in Battle of Arin (a.k.a. Pray War) by Queen E-34, and subsequently recovered by the humans in the Arin Recovery Campaign.

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