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Beasts attack tobal

Another Episode-2 A Village Where You Are (Korean: 네가 있는 마을, Nega Inneun Maeul) (abbreviated as AE2) is an episode of the Knight Run series covering a related side story that branched off from the events of Main Episode-0 Pray. The episode takes place on Tobal immediately following E-34's Blue Flower that managed to warp away during the Arin Recovery Campaign. The episode then continues to cover the succeeding turmoil that ensued on Tobal after the attack. References to the main episodes as well as flashbacks were also covered. There are three Extra Episodes packaged together with AE2. The Extra Episodes serve as an epilogue for AE2/Main Episode-0 Pray, and as a prologue to Main Episode-1 Hero.

Despite being a side story, it is important to note that certain significant events were shown in AE2 that sets the background of Main Episode-1 Hero and beyond. It also explains references from previous episodes. As such, reading AE2 can lead to a better appreciation of the series as a whole.


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