Anne Mayer



First Appearance

Main Episode-0: Chapter 1


28 (Birthday: Dec. 25. CC 401)


163 cm (5' 4")


Master Knight


Number 11. Monday, Number 12. Tuesday

Anne 09K

Anne with A-10, near the end of Main Episode-0 Pray.

Anne Mayer (a.k.a. Anne Meyer) is one of the main protagonists of Knight Run alongside Pray Mayer. She is a Master Knight, Zero Breaker who possess outstanding combat ability, but decided to officially retire, citing a broken body and increasing exhaustion amongst other things. 

However, despite her official position as "retired", she continues to fight actively on the battlefield when the situation or her emotions call her to do so. Furthermore, even after her official retirement, humanity continues to acknowledge her as the second strongest Knight in all of existence, following Pray Mayer. Following this, she was still a Colonel in the AUA (Arin self-defense force) and later on a war adviser. She's also one of the 7 Heroes of the Velchees War.

Initially, she acts under the command of Admiral Jack Norton as a War Adviser of the Northern military branch, with whom she first appears in the battle for the Planet Void. Later on, as more active duty Knights are injured, she chooses to take up the sword and fight directly on the battlefield instead, ultimately killing the Beast Queen on Void and ending the long battle. Following the battle for Void, she departs for the human capital world of Arin with Admiral Norton and her protege, Master Knight and Zero Breaker Leo, planning to return to peace and quiet with beloved sister Pray. She instead returns home to the sight of carnage, terror, confusion, and desperation at the hands of the Beast Queen Elise-34's destructive and shockingly effective war campaign against humanity's core worlds. At this point, Anne becomes humanity's brightest hope for ever reclaiming what they have lost.

Relationships Edit




Anne Mayer's personal bond with her adoptive sister, Pray Mayer, is perhaps the strongest one ever seen in the entire "Knight Run" series - they are emotionally inseparable. This can be shown by Anne's dream of eventually opening a cafe somewhere and move out to the country with Pray Mayer and live a peaceful life.

Their story goes back all the way to their childhood, where the two of them lived on a planet that had become a war-zone between humans and monsters. Here, the two lived in a small, sparsely furnished, wooden shack. Law and order did not exist, organized food and water distribution had all but disappeared, and the nearest law enforcement was two hours away in another planetary system altogether. The citizenry largely depended on handouts from the Ancient Church. Marauding gangs of criminal slavers abducted and sold children. Even with these harsh living conditions, Pray doggedly protected and provided for Anne, who at the time was weak and powerless, whether from the slavers or from starvation. She would even go as far as slaughtering the gangs that attempted to kidnap them to to defend her beloved Anne. 

However, this practice would ultimately change their lives when one particular gang attempted to exact lethal revenge against them. With Pray absent, Anne was completely defenseless. She was shot when the slavers fired blindly into the shack. She would have been killed if not for the timely arrival of Milo, who ran a local orphanage (which Pray would routinely steal food from). He saved Anne and handed the criminals over to the police. Milo then made an offer to have Anne adopted so that she could leave the planet, playing on Pray's protective instincts. Pray accepted under the condition that she would go with Anne, and the two of them were adopted by a woman named Karen Mayer who lived on Planet Tao. They were then named Anne Mayer and Pray Mayer respectively. It was there and then that Pray began to learn the "Mayer Style" of martial arts. She would later develop this into her own personal fighting style - the infamous "Pray Style" which brought her and Anne so much fame and prestige as the strongest Knights for its pure power and skill. 

The adoptive sisters enlisted in the Central Order and began their training as Knights on Arin. It was here that Pray's success with her Pray Style inspired Anne to become her disciple and learn this way of fighting; she would continue to refer to Pray as the "master" and herself the "student". While Pray rose quickly to fame for her immense strength and skill, Anne followed closely behind as she acquired her reputation as the only one who could even remotely keep up with Pray's prowess. Even this reputation did not amount to much, however, as Anne could only barely maintain a paltry 3% yearly win rate against her adoptive sister. In the end, the two became Knights in record time. Anne would later claim that she pushed Pray into becoming a Knight, saying that "I'm the one who dragged her to this world". 

Anne march

Despite Pray's penchant for causing problems with her extremely anti-humanistic personality, Anne often overlooks Pray's problems as when she says in Ep0 - Ch3 that “not caring for others might be a good decision as it's a way to not hurt yourself”. She always stands beside Pray, even when Pray commits crimes as terrible as murder. Anne's refusal to accuse or reform Pray for her actions has resulted in many setbacks for her military career. After the battle for Battle of Velchees, where they nearly single-handedly turned the tide of battle by defeating the powerful enemy SS-Class Type Zeros Cross Eye Alpha and Beta, Anne was slated to become the future Deputy Chief of the Central Order. However, all this changed when Pray committed her second cold-blooded murder. In order to ensure Pray's safety and secure treatment, Anne made a deal with the government, accepting a position as War Adviser of the Northern Order instead of Central Order Deputy Chief. It was at this point Anne and Pray were separated, as Anne left for her new post and Pray was left free to move but restricted to the planetary surface of Arin. 




She cares about human lives and try to protect them in battle. Even after years of war, she still feels uncomfortable when faced with death. She has founded PPP, an organization that funds projects for a “clean war”, in which human combatants would no longer be be physically involved in the fighting and instead be replaced by Dolls and other artificial intelligence (ME0-Ch9). Anne has many connections in many organizations and seems to be influential to the point of being called to help to reorganize the Knight Orders after the Pray War.

She is kind with others and act as a modest person but doesn't have many friends because of Pray's antagonizing behavior towards anyone who approaches Anne. According to Leo, being a knight was her dream so that she could protect everyone. However, that changed when she grew up, stating that her decision to retire demonstrated this clearly. She likes children, has low blood pressure and her hobby is collecting old paper books.  

Despite both Leo and Dry having romantic affections for her, she remains ambivalent towards both of them. Diorasis IV is also very fond of Anne and always tries to tease her whenever they meet. Dry created Alternative League (A.L. which secretly means Anne Love) and Diorasis IV later joined as one of his subordinates. 

Appearance Edit

Anne is a rather attractive female with light brown hair with green eyes. She is often seen donning a green DC Coat along with her two AB Swords Number 11. Monday (XI) and Number 12. Tuesday (XII). When she is not wearing her military issued DC Coat, she wears a black skirt with mid-thigh length black boots. Multiple male characters have confessed or hinted at romantic attraction towards her, although she has expressed polite disinterest in all such interactions.       

Abilities Edit

Anne is considered to be one of the strongest Knights in existence, with only her adoptive sister Pray being decisively stronger in all respects. Even with other Knights such as Dry and Leo in this generation, she still excels and is respected by most Knights. This could be seen when she was first a Knight in training, being the class representative and also taking down a single digit beast Type 2 with the help of Pray when even active duty Knights could not.

After that incident, Anne and Pray quickly became the fastest Knights to go through the training program and were both rewarded AB Swords that matched their respective styles.[1] While she was a trainee Anne used two swords named Lie & Day.[2] Later as a Knight, she was the first person that the Order allowed to use two AB Swords, Monday (XI) and Tuesday (XII). 

Anne's fighting style revolves around the Pray Style. She is able to combat any foe, whether they be beasts or other humans and crush them with absolute sheer force. With the Pray Style, she knows numerous amounts of Sword skills along with many other unarmed skills. She is also viable at fighting from any range, though her preferred range to fight at is mid. Her unarmed skills are shown when she simultaneously took down 5 Master Knights and 16 Knights to escape from being detained by Dry. When she is armed with an AB Sword, she can use it to channel Wave Techniques that can easily destroy buildings and are even capable of slicing through EX-Type Zeros.  

During the Battle of Velchees, when she fought alongside Pray against SS-Class EX-Type Zeros Cross Eye Alpha and Beta, their fight caused enough collateral damage that maps were required to be redrawn due to the terrain gaining excessive damage.[3] Defeating those legendary twin EX-Type Zeros with Pray and later ending the Arin War are her most notable achievements.  

Despite her appearance she is incredibly strong, being able to do more than 12,000+ vertical push ups even after she was retired.[4] She can slice easily through buildings and can match the beasts' strength with her own. 

Her intelligence is also very high, along with her experiences she has gone through makes her one of the most fearsome person within this universe. She knew that the DC Coats would not work when Knights fought amongst themselves and she also started the initiative for a "Clean War" by creating the PPP. This "Clean War" meant replacing Knights with Dolls that she personally funded herself, thus removing Knights from the war and allowing machines to do all of the work. She also commanded many militia groups throughout her time and has experience with planning out battles. 

Anne has gained many allies throughout her life, and can call most of them to assist her even when it means going against the military itself. 

Anne also has many other miscellaneous skills such as gun training and survival training. 

Current EventsEdit

Her first appearance is as a War Adviser for Admiral Jack Norton, when she fights in the battle of Void. She had plans to retire soon, as her body was injured from many battles she fought in her life. According to her, she has a busted shoulder and knees and a sore back, along with a high amount of accumulated radiation from a battle years before with Lucifer. It is clear, however, that her desire to retire comes from the sadness she always feel in the war zone and also her will to be together with Pray. She hasn't been in the front lines in years and shows insecurity in her skills, but despite that, she fights once again and kills the Queen on Void.

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