Allen McKellen



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Main Episode-0: Chapter 7




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Allen McKellen is Jill McKellen's little brother. They live on planet Arin. Unlike his sister, he's not a Knight, nor does he have a Paranormal Power and appears to be a perfectly average teenager.

Their relationship is typical for siblings, they tease each other a lot and have minor arguments sometimes, but deep down they are full of family love. Jill doesn't give Allen as much money as he wants and makes sure to show that she's the boss. For example when she monopolized the computer on Talk Day (ME0-Ch7) even though he wanted to talk to his girlfriend, who appears to live far away from him. She does this as to ensure that he won't become a trouble teenager.

When Beasts attacked Arin, both were shopping in Gile Sector of the 7th Colony of Arin. Unfortunately, a High Rank Type 77 made into the colony alongside the other Beasts and attacked Jill when she arrived to rescue him. She was forced to fight the High Rank while trying to protect Allen and despite her best efforts, she was pushed back and lost an arm. When Allen then tried to protect her in turn, grabbing her AB sword, he was killed by the Type 77.

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