Adam was an ancient High Rank Beast, of unknown type and class, that was active during the starting period of the Human-Beast conflict. Its notable appearance was the first time that high rank beasts were spotted which heralded the era of the Great War - a more intensified campaign to repulse Beasts. The arrival of high rank beasts such as Adam brought about the current situation in the Knight Run universe as covered by the series.

Adam appears only as a reference in the series when it comes to the history of Beasts vis-à-vis Humans. In Another Episode-2 A Village Where You Are, references to Adam where more extensive during the flashback arcs as it showed the background of Sion Zail and the fall of the Innovation Empire.


Adam's exact role in the Great War was not shown but at one point, it was defeated in battle by the Innovation Empire. Thereafter, the empire scavenged its corpse for possible uses. With the empire being the foremost experts on genetics and bio-technology, they were able to combine Adam's bio-tissue with captured Tiger tribe members as materials to create the combat-oriented Homunculus Eve Zail.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a high rank beast of the Great War, it can be surmised that Adam's physical stats are all above average or on par with an EX-Type. It possess cores that enable it to produce particle beams, barriers, and further enhance its martial prowess. Adam was noted to have two sets of cores strap at his wrists which exclusively power particle beam emitters on each hand that can act as long range particle beam swords. These abilities were inherited by Eve Zail and her daughter, Sion Zail.


(Robert Nelson on Sion's affinity with Adam, during the suppression of Sion)
"It's become too weak to even use its sword. We're instigating the Adam's blood in it. Sion is the daughter of Eve, that was created with Adam's tissues and core. Most of her human body is dead. She can't control Adams' blood..."