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A-10 01
A-10 Battleship Buster
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A-10 is an Anti-High Rank Beast Combat Doll, Series "A Project". She is made by Dr. Thor with Anne Mayer's PPP foundation funding. A-10 uses the Core retrieved from the defeated SS-Rank Ex-Type Zero Cross Eye Beta.

"A-10 has an innovative super compact core which enables her to produce shields equal to Type 2's or better. Her high processing ability allows it to control numerous particulates. The series can store an enormous amount of DC particulates with great efficiency. With these specs, she is a doll with the greatest offensive strength for it's size. Putting Knights and fleets aside, this is the only being in the universe that can fight a High Rank Beast. The A-Series can fight using self judgement when under the jamming effects from the beasts and their Jamil Organs." Dr. Thor.[1]

This research is all a part of Anne's dream of a "Clean War", where humans wouldn't have to fight anymore. Dry mentions that A-10 was deliberately designed to look like Pray Mayer so that Dr. Thor would get more funding from Anne's PPP foundation.[1]

Since A-10 is always by Dr. Thor's side and has human emotions, she can be easily be mistaken for a normal young girl.

She debuts by stopping a quarrel between Master Knights Daniel and Leo using her barrier shield.[1] She then takes a minor role in the Battle of Valtia[2] and a major role in the Reconquest of Arin.

"Project A is a weapon system built to dissolve the Knight Order. It was ordered by Anne Mayer, a war hero and head of the PPP here. Micro-miniaturized weapon modules... The most size-efficient bio-gloves... Control over micro reactor core... When Anne Mayer was preparing to take the Queen down, the Angel Project's Doll was deployed with these technologies installed. Dr. Thor's Masterpiece A-10. With what Eve had left us... she contributed to the victory." Dr. Thor.[3]
A-10 Heavens Door 01
A-10 Heavens Door 02
A-10 Armor Mode Beta

A-10 Armor Mode Beta.

References Edit

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