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7th Colony of Arin

A shielded, military spec, space colony which has a design that allows for gravity generation through rotation, it is shown to have large transparent strips in the primary habitat area which can be covered by reinforcing plates, as shown in the picture, with the pairs of panels towards the rear end.

Serving as the temporary home of Jill and Allen McKellen, it was attacked as part of E-34's preemptive strike against the AUA and the AE.

E-34 only sent a single ship, the Number 387 special warfare type Beast, which launched multiple pods into the space colony, including a Type 77, who engaged and was defeated by Jill Mckellen.

Role in the Second Battle of ArinEdit

Second Battle Arin Space Colony 7 Beasts Space

The Massive Ship smashes through the Orbital defenses of the Beasts.

Space Colony 7 became a staging base for the scattered AUA forces after the fall of Planet Arin, the normal unskilled civilian population evacuated with the Turin Terraforming fleet.

When Admiral Norton staged the diversionary attack for Anne's planet fall, Space Colony 7 was launched as a huge projectile at the primary Beast plants on Arin, it's three management AI's disabled to prevent Beasts overtaking the station and internally guarded by Knight Jill McKellen and DC Coat equipped, "Vivid" Anti-High Rank Dolls.

With the synergistic power of Flagship Alcyone's ancient SCR drive and Black Hole Engine stabilized with the colony's massive energy field stabilizers, it was too large to stop externally and the High Rank invaders were too late to disable it's engines, being stopped by Jill. Space Colony 7 plunged towards the Planet, crashing through the Beast defense line.

Despite that, Type Zero Blue Beetle arrives once again, with the First Class Anti-Fortress Armor Type 7 Gravity Cannon.

Gravity Cannon
Gravity Gun Shot Space Colony 7 shredded

Space Colony 7 is sundered by the Gravity Gun.

A single shot cores the colony, shredding it and dispersing its built up momentum.

The pieces of Space Colony 7 still rain down however, too numerous and dense to be destroyed by the in atmosphere units. Even then, the Beasts reveal the All Purpose Invasion Type Fortress "Blue Flower", it's overwhelming number of armaments destroying the remnants of the colony.

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